Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Love To Eat

My weight betrays me in that I am one who eats much more than I should. When was I young, I would wait eagerly for weekends to come when my father would take me out to eat at the coffee shops or in the market. Now I still love to eat simple little food, things you would find say in night or morning markets. However, under my present condition, food choices is very limited. For weekends, it 99% tomato soup with brown rice noodles. It would be rye bread if I am travelling to Singapore and back.

Obviously I have been thinking how to make the food taste a little better. For today, I tried two things. The first was to make tomato puree. I have not been successful as the method I used was wrong. I found the answer when a did a search at Google and so I am now making the puree with 20 tomatoes. This is for the sauce for the spaghetti or brown rice noodles. This sauce is very useful that I can take along when travelling. The second is the tomatos soup. So far, I have been using tomatoes, onions, celery and some greens. A couple of days ago, I added two table spoons of apple cider. Today, I added a slice of 60% ripe papaya to the soup. The result was was that it added some sweetness as well as body to the soup. Lunch was most satisfying today. For dinner, I will have brown rice noodles with tomato puree.

Last week I wanted to make the rye bread but postponed it to this week. The result is good as you can see from the photograph. My wife made it.
However, I have used pre-mixed Rob's organic rye flour. I would want to make another but this time pre-mixing it on my own possibly during the Chinese New Year. It taste really good when you toast it a little.


  1. May I have your recipe for tomato puree ? Many thanks.

    Maybe you should write a recipe book for healthy diet :)

  2. Sure.

    a. 20 ripe tomatos
    b. 2 tablespoons of viniger/apple cider
    c. A little salt and sugar (I don't use it though)

    a. Wash the tomatos
    b. Cut into half and boil the tomatos in some water for about 5 minutes. I saw a Greek receipe that does not boil it.
    c. Put tomatos (I do not recommend removing skin since it contains lots of nutrients) into blender. Do not add water.
    d. After blending you would have the thick puree. Put in glass storage and store in refrigerator until required.