Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post CNY Blues

Of late I have been having back aches. These aches are the ones you will get when you sleep in the same position for a long time or when you do not have enough space in your bed to roll and turn. I have been sleeping on coconut husk bed for over 20 years now. They are firm and comfortable but even since I lost some fat and muscles, the bed seems a little to hard for me. So I bought another single foam matress to put on top. It seems to bring some temporary relief but now I get these aches. It's worst at the time I get up and goes away as the day progresses. I am thinking of doing stretching exercise to help improve and maybe go for another pressure massage but am worried about the post massage pain. Sigh...

Just days before Chinese New Year (CNY), my Compaq notebook went kaputt and now a few days after CNY my 10 year old Elba Fridge also kaputt! I wanted to buy a Panasonic Inverter fridge as a replacement but ended up buying Toshiba Hyper Plasma fridge instead. Apparently, it has the technology to maintain the freshness of the vegetables which is important for me. It's bigger and also cheaper than the Panasonic but what a time to fail on me.

The travelling during CNY to visit my in-laws in Ipoh and brother in Malacca has disrupted my juicing a little. As a result I drank less and also ate a little less. Although I did prepared juices to take along, but it was not sufficient. The result was that I lost 0.5kgs in weight. I will now work hard to gain the weight back.

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