Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence

For a cancer patient like me, I am living in a time-bomb compartment wherein the time-bomb is set to explode unless I can defuse it on time. The therapies (whether conventional or alternative) are the things one can do to defuse the time-bomb. Selecting the wrong therapy, will mean ...

I have two contrasting cases to share. The first is from JC and she is from Dunedin, New Zealand. I am really encouraged and motivated by her email. This is her story.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer back in Jan 2005. The lab test result came back to say that my type of cancer was undifferentiated, meaning aggressive and of course the doc recommended chemo, not just the normal treatment but more aggressive one with additional drugs. After some consideration, I decided not to do the chemo but turn to alternative treatments and after 5 years, I am still alive. So just want to encourage you to fight on. I always tell anyone who comes down with cancer that being diagnosed with cancer is NOT A DEATH SENTENCE but just being made more aware that you are put on a time management program and how well and long your life will be depends on how well you manage yourself and your time....afterall, eventually we all have to leave this earth some time.

I did Gerson (for 3 years) together with consumption of other herbs and supplements. Back then, I did not know where to get stuff like lugol, pig's liver enzymes, so I only follow as closely as I could but managed only 10 juices and 2-3 coffee enemas a day as I had to drink the herbal drinks also. During my 2nd year, I discovered this website which literally turn my perspective and approach to disease and healing 180 degree. It is not a very easy approach to understand until you read it a few times but when you do, you find out that the real healer is in yourself. Regimens and nutritions help only to improve our health but for the cure, we need to confront the cause or the contributing factors. When we do that, our body has the ability to heal itself. So, I just wish to share the info with you and hope that it will help you as much as it has changed my life.

The second is nearer home in Selangor and I got to know from S, through a common friend. Depending on how you approach the problem, you will get different outcome. Her mother (which I will called mama S) is 72 years old and this is mama S's story.

Mama S was diagnosed as having breast cancer in late 2008. She underwent mastectomy and subsequently underwent 6 courses of chemo. Apparently she did not feel any of the side effects of the chemo. She is a vegan and eats normal vegetarian food (including oil, sugar, salt, soya bean and the like). Apparently she went to a health farm in Malacca to learn more about juicing and detoxing. When she returned home, she continue to eat normal vegetarian food but did not do any detox. Although she did do juicing, she was not regularly into it and perhaps due to inappropriate preparation of the vegetables, her vegetable juices contains more water. After trying all these, she noticed lumps reappearing on the mastectomized breast. She last faith in the juicing therapy. Meanwhile she consulted her doctor to find out the next stage of treatment. What the doctor told S was surprising. Apparently the doctor said the chemo is not going to prolong mama S's life. Yet the doctor recommended that mama S goes through another round of chemo! Meanwhile some of S's friends in direct selling began to approach her to buy the full range of supplements because one person got cured of cancer using the supplements. S approached me as she wanted to know more about the Gerson therapy and at the same time wanted me to meet her mom as I am a living specimen of the therapy.

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