Thursday, February 11, 2010

Food Glorious Food

Yesterday's blog "Doing Gerson Therapy" was specially written for someone who is about to start or just started the Gerson Therapy (GT). Sometimes when I slack even a bit, it will be reflected in my weight. For example, I do some errands or when I am out meeting friends get caught in traffic jams and lost time and subsequently could not catch up on the juicing. If the regime is followed closely, you will know because your body will react accordingly. You feel good. Even though I also do the Homeopathy therapy, I still do GT as if it is the only therapy I am doing. Most of my days are good because I really make an effort to make it happen. Yes you, please do the same even though you do TCM as well.

I am getting a little anxious about my health. As I will be doing another scan this March, I am anxious to know the progress of my therapy. In May 2009, months before my tumor discovery, I booked a free & easy trip to Surabaya in March 2010 for my whole family. We plan to visit some Hindu temples and also climb two mountains, Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen. So this trip will depend on the results on the scan. Because of this, I have not book any hotels and any other reservations.

I feel good these days, like I have no health problems. Except for the castor oil enema that gives me stomach discomfort, I have no other problems. I been eating rather well. I have been spending more time thinking how to improve on my food options. Besides rye bread, I am also working on the tomato noodle soup and I think I found a good combination and will publish the recipe soon. Yesterday while scouting at the organic area in Carefour, I found Country Farm's Organic Green Tea Noodle that contains no sodium. It is made from organic Unbleached Flour and Green Tea. Now I can mix (20:80) some of the stick flour noodle with the rice noodles.

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