Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winds Of Change?

This fever thingy continued for a third day yesterday. Around 10pm shortly after my night enema, I felt cold and by 10.30pm the fever started. As usual I stayed in bed under my comforter but yesterday I was aching all over. I fell asleep but woke up around 1+am for my night urine. The fever has subsided but still there. I was also coughing a bit more yesterday.

This morning I woke up coughing again. There was much more white phelm. Something I dreaded to happen, happened. I noticed small traces of blood clots in the phelm. There are two interpretations from this observation. The positive intepretation is that the blood clot could be dead tumor cells that needs to be expelled from the lungs. The negative intrepretation is that the tumor has spread to more parts of the lungs. One other thing I observed is that my cough is less painful around the lower rib area. My wife suggested the rib pain is part of the healing process and coughing is a the process for clearing the lungs.

I also decided to go for my qigong exercises and I think it was a good decision. Not only I felt much better as the exercised progressed, I was also more energetic and my body felt very good. I was sweating profusely.

Since Dr Rama changed the Homeopathy medication, my stomach gases problem has been reduced. I would now blurp more easily and hence hopefully the stomach gases problem is a thing of the past. I have started eating back my normal diet of potatoes and stewed vegetables without any problems.

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