Friday, May 14, 2010

What Ever Will Be Will Be

This morning, I was awaken by my need to cough at around 5.30am. I continued to stay in bed until about 6am. When I did cough after I woke up, I did not notice any blood clots in the phelm. Notwithstanding the latest development, my pain around my rib area actually is less painful. So are the coughs and back pain. Previously, I would feel more pain throughout the day. Pain that arise from movements of my body. For example even when I turn the steering wheel when I am driving, lifting something heavy or when I twist my body causes pain. Now these type of pain are much subdued, so I am actually feeling quite good.

My family members are a little arlarmed at my latest development but actually there is nothing to worry about. Have faith in the therapy that I am doing and these developments are part and parcel of the therapy. If you read some other blogs of patients doing Gerson, the pain they experience are even more intense and dramatic than mine. I have been very active in my qigong exercises every morning. While some of my fellow student mates are panting for breath when doing the repetitive exercises (like wall squatting), I breath easy.

However, the stomach gases problem are still lingering in the background. I do get the gases in the afternoon but it is much milder when compared previously. I am trying to eat back normally to gain back some weight. I have reduced my number of juices from 12 to 11 but instead drink more (300ml instead of 250ml) each time to compensate. The one hour saved is to allow me to rest more.

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