Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Weekend

The last few days have been good. Very little pain, stomach gases although present but in control, ulcers getting better. Since taking brown rice porridge, I have not had any major problems eating. I will stay away from stewed vegetables for a while and in place of it eat raw fruits and other vegetables. I have adjusted taking my Q10 in the afternoon instead of in the evening as I believe it will improve my energy levels in the afternoon.

Despite the improvements, I will continue to focus my attention on the therapies I am taking, not letting my guards down. It would be a mistake to relax because the work is far from done even if I have made substantial improvements. That why these therapies I am taking takes two years, another year to uproot all the remaining "unripe" tumor cells in the body and also restoration of the liver. The coffee enema is really good. Nowdays I feel dull if I did not do my coffee enema on time, like those days I have to travel to Singapore.

I was watching a Japanese drama called Godhand Teru online. In one of the episodes (only 6 episodes all together), the Director of the hospital said while skills and technical abilities are good, it is also very important to believe in what you are doing. The frame of mind sometimes determines success or failure as demonstrated by Dr Lodi (in Healing Cancer From Inside Out) when he said two patients, same problem, and guess who survived?


  1. Chee Teck, Keep it going.

    My 85-year old MIL had stage 4 Colon cancer. After removing the part of it 5 months ago. The cancer has now spread. Just wait for time. Luckily, there is no much pain for now. Hope she does not have to suffer before she leave this world.


  2. Oh... Yes, I wish her last days be calm and peaceful.

    I have heard of so many cases lately that older people getting cancer. This is not surprising as it is in the statistics. So, please spend sometime to look after your health as you do your wealth.