Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doughnut Anyone?

My coughing is much lesser now even though the problem still remains. The pain from coughing is almost gone now and so is the back pain. The pain now only comes from hard stretches. It's like having removed needles from your body and I really feel good. My appitite was good. This morning as I about to brush my teeth, I felt really hungry. However by the time I finished brushing my teeth, I felt some stomach gases build up but I still felt hungry. I quickly prepared my morning juice to drink and pack another in the themos before leaving for my qigong exercises.

Yesterday I did not for the qigong exercises as it was drizzling a bit. What used to be a simple bending exercise in the qigong routine became a problem for me this morning. My back hurts when I tried bending and I am not talking about touching your palms on the floor without bending the knees which I can do easily. This morning, the was a pull, the muscles just could not relax and there was pain on the right side. As I massage my back I noticed some tenderness and some pain. Could it be that healing reaction has now reached the primary site? I am dealing the problem with exercises which I hope will relax the muscles.

The stomach gases is not much of a problem now as I can blurp more. I am also eating back a little more and hopefully, this would be reflected in my weight this weekend. I have taken a slight change of plan when it comes to eating. I was quite regimented in my routine but now I am very flexible. For example only taking oatmeal not just during teatime but anytime. Same goes for drinking of Hippocrates soup. Basically when I am hungry, just eat which I do but mainly with fruits previously. Now I would even have solid food.

One of the things most people take for granted is the ability to sit down. For me and as I found out too for most cancer patients, they have lost quite a fair bit of muscles in their buttocks. Sitting is not easy. I used to remember in the begining I will use both my hands to support my buttocks. Although things have improved but I still find sitting for long periods of time painful. To overcome this problem, we use a doughnut like cushions to support our buttocks. My mother used a old custion and cut into shape for me. Ah..., so much better now.

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