Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hope Of Better Days To Come

Thir morning I went to town to attend a meeting. I was thinking since I am feeling much better now, I should try and earn some money by doing part-time work. I also took my daughter's new 2.2kg Lenovo G460 (purchased less than 1 month ago) to the digital mall for service. Apparently the wireless netwrok is not working! It's embarrasing as the problem was related to a little switch in the bottom front of the notebook which was accidentally switched off! I did take a look at the notebook but could not find it. Anyway the service engineer also took the opportunity to replace a part for free due to manufacturing defect. I believe my body is now in much better shape as it did not complain about the weight I was carrying. It almost felt like my old self, my pre cancer days. I took a massage before I came back and my masseur could tell I lack sleep when she was massaging my back.

The pain at the rib area is at minimal. My current problems are mouth and tongue ulcers (there are 4 of them now), lack of sleep (due mainly from my waking up in the nigh at least two times for night urine) and feeling very hungry. I am taking naps where possible to catch up. Despite eating lots of food, somehow I still feel hungry. So what I am doing now is eat a little more frequent especially oats and also some fruits. There is not much I can do for the mouth ulcers but if the pain becomes unbearable, I do use a bit of oral aid.

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