Monday, May 17, 2010

I Believe

After writing yesterday's blog, I was wondering if I do have any previous experience pertaining to blood clots in my phelm. As my luck would have it, I do. In August 2006 I was rushed to KT Hospital for a near drowning incident at Redang Island. The doctors did a Xray on my lungs and discovered that it has not been damaged by sea water but found small traces of water. I was discharged the following day and in the weeks (unfortunately I could not remember for how long) following I had coughs and blood clots in my phelm, similar to what I am having now. My doctor said this is how the lungs would free itself of dead cells through the process of coughing.

However, in my case, I wish it was so simple like a parasetic infection. But it is not. These are tumors that will eventually spread (if untreated) and cause my demise. Even a few of my specialist doctors have no confidence of curing these tumors, by George there are 43 of them some even bigger that 3cm! Normally when the diease advances, I am expecting to cough blood, fresh blood that is. The pain around my chest/rib areas would intensify and I would expect to seem lumps growth. So far (touch wood) the pain in my chest/rib area is subsiding and there are no growth. The cough with blood clots only occurs in the first cough of the day and does not appear after that. I do not feel unwell, just that I have lots of white plelm. I have read another GT patient's blog and he was also coughing blood for about a year. I am encouraged by his recovery from cancer early this year and gone back to work. Anyway I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Remember about a case I talk about early this year? AN, 60 has colon cancer and he has refused to take chemo nor surgery to debulk the cancer. I introduced him to GT and the last I saw him was just before Chinese New Year. Recently through a common friend, I enquired about his health and was told that he has lost a lot of weight and has no energy. I was also told he was following a number of therapies. During the early stages of the therapy, AN would SMS to ask me if he could take this or that. Bear in mind, I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. Obviously I told him that his first priroty would be to follow the GT closely. After a while, he did not contact me because I could not give him the confirmation that taking this or that would be OK. I know the thinking of having more therapies = better chances of success. This could be the case of too many cooks = uneffective remedy. This is because you are possibly following 20% to 30% of your intended therapy. I wanted to contact him to update him on something I found out. Unknown to me (nor is it documented in the GT book) when you have tumors in the colon, the amount of coffee enema intake should not be 1 liter (or 32 ozs) but lesser. There would be a lots of pain during coffee enema and the amount should be around 4 to 8 ozs (125ml to 250ml). The alternative is not doing coffee enema altogether is not recommended. I found this out in another GT patient's blog who has colon cancer under the supervision of a doctor from the Gerson Clinic.

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