Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting Tired of Stewed Vegetables?

Yesterday I reverted back to my normal diet of potatoes and stewed vegetables. The lunch was one of the most difficult to date. By the time I finished the stewed vegetables, my stomach gases started and before long, my stomach feels bloated. I felt sick and lay in bed for a while. In the evening, I just ate the potatoes but only managed to eat about 10% of the stewed vegetables. I am wondering why is this so? To ease my hunger I just ate oat meal for most of the time.

Today, after a night's sleep, the stomach is faring better and I thought I will not have stewed vegetables but have some fruit salads instead for lunch and dinner. I hope this is not long term while I figure out how to improve my stomach's digestive system.

I had some pain around the shoulder area, possibly due to the back massage by my wife for the last few days. Even light massage is painful for me nowdays. The cough is slightly better. The pain around the lower right rib area is giving me some problems during sleeping. I have to adjust my back position in order not to strain the rib area. Otherwise, it would give me some pain. Even that little tongue ulcer pain woke me up last night. Despite all the discomforts, I am still refraining from taking any other medication. I would like it to heal naturally which perhaps takes much longer.

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