Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 243 and Counting

Today marks the 243rd day of my tumor discovery. As I moved into the 9th month, I must admit I am now into a different phase of my therapy. This phase which started in March 2010 is much more intense than the earlier 6 six months. For March and April 2010 I was plagued with strong stomach gases and back pain problems. These problems have now subsided. For May 2010 I seems to be getting more fever than before. The pain is now concentrated on the lower right rib area of the chest.

Yesterday I had two fevers. The first was around 4.30pm after I completed my afternoon enema. I am not sure if the fever was caused by being cought in the rain when I came back from marketing. After drinking the juices, I went to bed to rest. I felt better by 6.30pm. After my night enema and around 11pm, the night fever came. I quickly ate my oatmeal supper and slipped under the comforter for some warmth. I fell asleep around midnight and work up around 1+am for my night urine. The fever has subsided a bit by then. In between I still have this cough though the pain caused by the cough around the abdomen area is not so painful now.

Compared to the speed of recovery of some of the cancer patients which was featured in the Healing Cancer From The Inside Out documentary, mine is pale in comparison. I take solace in that everyone is different and as such the healing time will also different. Hey, I am still alive and that means I can continue to change my destiny.

This year I took my parents out for dinner at a nearby restaurant for Mothers' Day. Previous years, I would take my parents to far out places like Kuala Selangor, Carey Island or Tanjung Karang to have seafood by the seaside. Ironically I am not a seafood lover. I only used Mothers' Day as an excuse. Before my cancer days, we would go there or other far out areas (not for seafood) least once a month as I do not believe you have to wait for once a year to take your parents out. This started way back in 1997 when I bought my first MPV. Some people at that time did not understand why I bought an MPV. We have since visited every state in Peninsula Malaysia and every major town to sample their food as well, all 7 of us.

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