Sunday, May 23, 2010

Very Busy Weekend

Today I had a numbers of errands to run and hence could not post an update earlier. I was also busy with a new "toy". Bought a Acer desktop PC and need to configure it for my daughter's use. Nowdays the digital animation course really demands uptodate hardware. Not only must they be multiple processors, have a good graphic card, full HD LED monitors but the OS must also be 64bit. All my present notebooks and desktops are 32 bit machines! More dollars flying away.

Anyway, there are not much changes in terms of condition since the last few days. I have almost stopped coughing. Pain from ribs is also not that noticable but stomach gases still poses a little problem. It seems to come towards the evening but I can still managed it. I am feeling a little tired these days, not sure if this was due to the Q10 which I stopped taking as I ran out of stock.

Yesterday night I had a dream. I was in somewhere in Nepal exploring with my wife. My wife wanted me to concentrate on my therapy instead of travelling but here I was in Nepal (in my dreams of course). I was in a restaurant and was taking some kind of capati or Thali set or something like that. I thought oh no, food is not only not organic but contains oil, sugar and salt as well. Still I have to eat to get the energy. The next thing I knew I was awake. But I notidced I had a back ache. For a moment I thought even in dreams can have an impact on my pain. Maybe I should dream of something to help me heal faster!


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  2. Hi Chang, your daughter is blessed with a very loving daddy. Dont give up, miracles always happen to good people :)