Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have A Little Faith

To me, two of the most important conditions that will determine my fate is my ability to eat and my ability to sleep. Almost anything can be outsourced if you cannot do it yourself but you cannot have someone eat and sleep for you. Earlier my stomach gases caused me eat much lesser and hence I lost weight in the process. This gas problem is still ingering though not as bad as before. Now I am plagued with the sleep problem which came about because of the pain on my lower rib area. For the last two days I have not been sleeping well. When I lie down flat or on the either side, the pressure from my weight would caused pain aound the lower rib area. Sitting and standing does not cause any problems. As a result my sleep is disturbed and I wake up not refreshed. Besides the therapies, rests is also very important.

When you experience pain, your mind will start wondering if something went wrong. The weak mind is very good at making things up and the next thing you know, you want to start writing your own obituary, just in case. You will also wonder if you will wake up the next day and maybe should start writing the last message, just in case. I was browsing the Net when I came across this book have a little faith: a true story by Mitch Albom. I only read the synopsis of the book and it got me thinking. I have been through this before. All it demand is just a little faith in oneself and the therapies.

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