Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Wesak Day!

To all my Buddhist friends,

Happy Wesak Day!

Yesterday I was a little quick about the good news. By 5pm, my stomach gases started to build up and I was feeling bloated. Of my four mouth ulcers, two are healing but of the other two, one was at the left side near the molar teeth and the other was on the right side of the tongue. As a result, I am having problems chewing food! So I only ate oatmeal for dinner.

This morning, the stomach gases still have not left completely. But hopefully as the day progresses, the stomach gases will ease. I did sleep quite well last night after the massage but there was some pain on the muscles as a result of the massage. As I lie in bed browsing the net with my notebook, I noted there was some pain on my rib area because of the pillow pressing against the ribs. Anyway the pain should ease over time.

I have been eating solid food (like rice or noodles) all my life. When the stomach is not filled with such food, I feel hungry, no matter how much other food is taken. Because of my limited intake of such food, I always get this hungry feeling. Of course, sometimes I do take noodles but the limited varietry that I prepare the food, I am getting tired of it. I will visit the SBT site for some ideas.

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