Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Day

Another start of a new week. For the last week or so, not much has changed, the usual problems. Although I thought the stomach gases problem has gone away, it did not and is still coming back especially in the afternoon. It makes me feel unwell. But it is not so bad compared to previously mainly because I am able to blurp. Every blurp helps to expell the gases and makes me feel better.

Well there is still something inside the rib area that causes a little pain when the chest is expanded fully or when there is a hard cough. As a result I feel like riding in a roller coaster, at time things would be very good and yet at other times not so. The only thing left to do is to continue to focus on the therapy and wait. Wait for September 2010, for the next scan to actually see what's going on. Until then I will still have to rely on the trusted old body of mine to give me clues as to what's happening inside of me.

I have just replenished my Q10 supplies and hopefully the consumption of which would help improve my tiredness. I am also feeling sleepy at times and taking a nap certaintly helps. Yes, the key is still more rests.


  1. What brand of Q10 u are taking ?

  2. I am taking Stay-well Q10. It was recommended by my friend's friend who had good results to minimise the side effects of her chemotherapy.