Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cooperative Therapy

This morning I visited the KL General Hospital with my mother. She goes for her twice yearly blood test and a month later she will see the specialist for treatment. For RM5 (RM30 if foreigner), you can get specialist treatment in Malaysia and what more can you ask? Tough the waiting time may be a little long (average 3 hrs to 4 hrs) but it's almost free. Some of my mother's drugs runs into thousand of ringgits for six months supply. As I walked past the Oncology Department (up ahead is where I parked my car), I could not help feel for the poor cancer sufferers waiting for their turn to see the doctors and receive treatment. I was there too last October 2009. The Star ran an article on how doctors are shying away to become an oncologist because it's depressing to see patients dying. It was reported that 50,000 new cancer cases are detected in Malaysia every year.

I am not here to debate Gerson Therapy is better than conventional treatment but the statistics speaks for themselves. What I hope to pass is the messages that sometimes we can adopt both conventional medicine and Gerson Therapy together, without have to exclude one for the other. I have seen so many cases of relapses where conventional medicine can no longer help after that.

I noticed that for the past week, I have not been eating my stewed vegetables. Everytime I eat it, it would bring up stomach gases so I avoid eating althogther. A couple of months ago, I had problems eating baked potatoes. I read in Dr Gerson's book that some patients during the therapy does have these kind of reaction. So what I am doing now is drink more of the Hippocrates soup and also eat some raw fruits and vegetables. Hopefully after sometime I would be able to eat normally.

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