Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better Days To Come?

This morning when I cough, I noticed some traces of blood clots in my phelm. After a few cough, the phelm becomes whitish again. In Chinese TV dramas, a blood coughing scene is normally followed by a funeral scene. Actually I do not know what to make of it. The pain from my cough is getting less painful by the day and so are the pain around the back and rib areas. I do cough every now and then when my throat becomes itchy but there are no traces of blood throughout the day.

I am eating a bit more now but I noticed that the stomach gases still builds up towards the evening especially around dinner time. After dinner I will start to feel a little unwell. My mother (after seeing a TV program) has taught me to stroke with both my hands on the side of the belly upwards towards the middle of the chest area to help release the gases. I tried and after about a minute later, I did blurp two times. Every blurp helps. I still feel cold at night but so far I have not experienced any more fever although there are a couple of times when I feel the fever maybe building up.

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I found a website hosted by an American (I think) who worked for a NGO based in the Tibetian Pleateau. During his past 7 years of stay, he has travelled through Tibet and surrounding areas and wrote about his journeys ( It's by far the most complete that I ever seen written by a semi-profesional. He also gave some recommendations and if I do recover from this diease I will definitely spend a portion of my time travelling to these areas. It's best to go as early as possible before the places become corrupted by commercialism and worst by earthquake as it already happened in Yushu.


  1. Dear Chang,

    Please read the comment I posted on your posting dated 15 May 2010 (Saturday)

    May you be well, happy and recover soon.


  2. Dear Liew,

    Thank you for your comments and many suggestions offered. I am very sure you are trying to help.

    Gerson Therapy (GT) is a very strict regimen and if followed closely I believe will bring benefits to the patient. However, despite Dr Gerson documenting quite a bit of his work in his book, A Cancer Therapy, he has to leave out quite a number of things as well. A better alternative is always to get started in one of the Gerson approved clinics and thereafter get email/phone support from the doctors to guide the patient what to do with some healing reactions for the next 2 years. What most people (especially allopathic trained doctors) who do not know much about GT will react differently when dealing with healing reactions. In fact most will not even recognized it as healing reaction but as a symptom of deterioration.

    So for me, of course reading other patient's healing reaction would definitely help ( As you can see, these are healing reactions (according to another patient can lasts even for as long as 6 months!) and you sometimes cannot do a general interpretation that if you see these symptoms it means this and that. This is because I have gone through quite a fair bit of the GT already and my body behaves differently from others. Because of this, I don't even take Panadol when I have fever for example because ít may do more harm than good to me. For your information even drinking of plain water is forbidden in GT. This may sound strange to you when most will tell you that water is an essential element is detoxification.

    Still I would like to thank you for your suggestions and when it fits into the therapy, I would surely consider using it.

  3. Dear Chang,

    When there are traces of blood clots in your phlegm, it could be due to the imflamation in the lungs. The imflamations could be caused by parasites unless you have TB. If they are parasites, a dose of deworm tablet can kill them.

    The stomach gases are due to indigestion which could be the result of:
    1. Not enough bile produce due to liver congestion
    2. Not enough enzymes in food (esp. cooked food)
    3. Not enough enzymes produce due to congested liver
    4. Not enough HCL in stomach for digestion
    5. Not enough munching to break up food
    6. Eating too fast (Alkaline part of food not digested by ptylin from the saliva)
    7. Juices not mix with saliva before swallow mouthful by mouthful
    8. Eating when not hungry or when emotional upset
    9. Eating processed or refined food e.g. noodles, products from wheat flour
    10. Eating too much fried and oily food
    11. Drinking too much fluid / soup during meal (>1/2 cup)
    12. Eating fruits with food (fruit less than 1hr before or after meal)
    13. Papaya or watermelon mixed with other
    14. Drinking cold drinks during food
    15. Eating while watching TV or reading
    16. Intestine or colon clogged up with undigested food
    17. Eating not according to our biological clock

    Besides avoiding the above to prevent indigestion, you can drink some hot ginger-powder water 1 hour after food to assist digestion.

    To advoid "wind" add a pinch of terragon powder in your soup or mix them with your vegetable juices.

    When you have fever, it could mean:
    1) drinking not enough water
    2) eating high calorie or sweet food
    3) body attacked by viruses
    4) inflamation in the body
    5) immune system weak

    Pain in the shoulders or joints:
    Liver congested with liver stones. Liver and gallbladder stones are organic matters and they are difficult to detect by scanning.

    Indigestion, fever, pain and any body changes are symptoms given out by our body to inform us that it is too toxic. If an enema cannot remove the symptoms, then the body should be "overhauled".

    For info on how to overhaul your body, you have to attend my health talk.

  4. Dear Liew,

    Thank you writing and further input. Some points are valid.

    Some of what is said also confirms my point. For example fever points you mentioned. Well said for a normal person even with some dieases but may not apply to a GT patient. You may not agree but it does not matter. I too learned about fevers (not that I don't know fever or that I have not got it before in my life but when I got it for the first time during GT, I interpreted it differently) from another person's blog who has successfully recovered from cancer through GT.

    Another area like stomach gases for example. I do get stomach gases in my pre cancer days and some of the remedies that you mentioned or medication that I would take would easy solve the problem but they are not effective now. This is because we are seeing it as a problem and start to treat it as such. In GT, healing reactions are encouraged and we take certain drinks to help ease the pain from the reaction.

    Anyway I do not intend to debate further on these matters although I know you are trying to help.