Friday, May 21, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be Even Better

I believe the blood clots have more or less stopped as I could not see it anymore. I am in quite a jovial mood as about 85% of my body pain has gone. Previously I have taken so many things for granted and now I really cherish the painless body much more. The only thing to watch out for now is the stomach gases that comes every now and then. If it comes, normally builds up after I drink my vegetable juices. As you know, my diet now mainly consists of soft food and juices, hence it should not be too taxing on my stomach. If I do take stewed vegetables, the chances of getting stomach gases is much higher. So now I eat a bit less of it and take my potatoes and Hippocrates soup for lunch and dinner. No problems if I take rice noodles.

I have build up a little tummy now. This is mainly from my bad habit of taking a nap immediately after my lunch but that's the only time I can find that does not interfere with the juicing timetable. If I recover from this cancer, I will know how to deal with the tummy.

Those who knows me knows I like to eat. My MBI before my cancer days shows that I am not fat but obese! Now I cannot eat any of those food anymore, you can imagine how it feels like. I have decided to remain as a vegetarian for the rest of my life. My trip to India last December 2009 convinced me that being vegan is not that bad. Of course, India has one of the best vegeterian foods in the world but I have also seen some very good vegeretian foods back home. Thinking a little too far ahead, am I?

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