Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be Grateful And Thankful

I noticed that the blood clots in the phelm is not that much this morning. My coughing is also subsiding. But when I cough, I cough continuously for a few minutes but at other time, I will not cough for hours. The pain in my back muscle that I mentioned yesterday did not repeat itself this morning. I was able to do my qigong exercises without problems. However, there is still a little pain around the right lower rib area and is only felt when I stretch that area or press my hand hard against the ribs. Otherwise I am feeling on top of the world.

Off late, I am feeling very hungry. However, I have also developed three mouth ulcers that is making me miserable. Not only it makes eating difficult and because I add potassium salts to my food, when the ulcers comes into contact with the salts, the pain just triples.

Last weekend, my opposite neighbor told me that one of her relatives is suffering from nose cancer. I did have a word with his wife over the phone(I believe they are in the late 50s or early 60s). He found out about his 3rd stage nose cancer 10 months ago but despite the chemo and surgery, he has slipped into stage 4, the doctor said he has 3 months left. The wife has resigned to his fate and on doctors advice, he takes in milk daily as he is not able to eat solid food anymore. He is getting thinner by the day. She heard about my case and wanted to give her husband a last chance. I suggested that she uses otameal or oatmilk as replacement for milk. Every hourly to feed him with apple+carrot and vegetable juices. I hope this would stabilise his weight and give him some strength.

There must have been thousands of people trying to get free air tickets from Airasia. Yesterday I tried the whole day trying to see if I can get some free tickets but after every search, the reply would be timeout. Only in the evening did I managed to get some decent results. I think this time round Airasia is a little smarter. In the past I would be able to get free tickets to and fro. But from what I seen recently, you would only get one way free and the return journey would have to be paid either at promo prices or regular prices. I would have booked a few places had it not for my sicknesses. Anyway the promo prices are still very reasonable.

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