Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Way Of Cooking Vegetables

Yesterday I had fruit salads for lunch and breakfast and so the stomach gases also stayed away. But I felt so hungry after the fruit salads so much so I had to make noodles in between to keep the hunger pangs away. I am not complaining because it's been a while since I ever felt so hungry. That leaves me a problem about what to eat for my lunch and dinner? Is there something wrong with the way the vegetables are cooked or could it be the vegetables is just not suitable anymore or could it be just that I am fedup with stewed vegetables i.e. it is a physiological matter?

Yesterday evening, after my wife gave me a shoulder massage, I could not sleep all night. There was some lingering pain on my left shoulder blade. I could not lie on right side or left side for long. Even lying facing up became a problem. I just could not wait for daybreak. At least in sitting or standing position, I don't feel any pain. However, after my morning qigong, somehow the pain eased a bit. Of course, no more massages for the time being.

I have no clue if the pain is a healing reaction or the diease getting a better of me. From some blogs that I read, it may appear to be healing reaction. One thing I know is that so far, my body is still in good shape, notwithstanding the pain, I do feel good and move about with ease. So long the body is still in positive territory, this to me is of course good news.

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