Saturday, May 15, 2010

Health Status @ 15 May 2010

New information are presented in italics.

Tumor mass of size of about 14cm on the right kidney and 21 and 23 over nodes all over my left and right lungs respectively with one up to 3cm in size on both lungs. Possibly also spread to the liver.

First detected on 11 September 2009 through CT Scan. Subsequent CT scan on 1 March 2010 showed some improvements on the larger nodes in the lungs but did not provide enough details on the smaller nodes. The primary tumor is now about 12.4cm, about the same size in October 2009. The two bigger nodes on the left and right lungs has reduced by about 1.5cm. However, a new node was detected about the size of 3.5cm x 3.7cm at the T6 area.

Consulted four urologists (one in Singapore and three in Malaysia) and two oncologists (one in Malaysia and one in Singapore). Both oncologists suggested removal of right kidney. Singapore urologist also suggested removal of kidney. The three urologists do not recommend surgery or chemotherapy. The last urologist consulted said most of his patients died within six months of surgery while two on the expensive (RM20K per month) drug Sutent is not responding. All agree that is no cure for the moment.

My urologist said my cancer is at stage 4 and did not recommend me to take any treatment. It is also my own choice not to take conventional treatment after considering all the facts of the case.

Schedule for next scan is in 1 September 2010.

a. Modified Gerson Therapy
a1. Coffee Enema
Initially, four times a day for four weeks, every four hours apart. Currently three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening for 15 minutes.

Commence castor oil enema from 23 January 2010.

a2. Nutrition Diet
All fruits and vegetables mentioned are organic.
i. Juicing - 11 fruit and vegetables juices a day beginning around 7am and ending 7pm. 5 apple+carrot, 3 carrot and 4 green vegetable juices every hourly. Liver supplements are taken together with carrot juices.
2. Diet - No oil, no sugar and no salt on all cooking. For breakfast and supper, mainly oats with some raisins, sometimes a little Manuka honey is added. For lunch and dinner, vegetables such as Siew Pak Choy, Lettuce, lady's fingers, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach are mainly steamed or boiled. K-salt is added for flavoring. A teaspoon of flaxseed oil is added when serving (but not during cooking). Mainly boiled potatoes and sometimes somali organic brown rice is consumed. Hippocrates soup are also prepared every other day for daily consumption.
3. Supplements - K-salt, B12, niacin, lugol solution, pancreatin, pepsin and Q10.
4. Others - Rye bread, papaya, guavas, oranges and bananas are consumed at regular intervals.

b. Homeopathy Medicine
Consulting Doctor: DR AU Ramakrishnan MBBS, PhD, Chennai, India (
Local Consultant: Vishuddi Lee
Treatment Started: 6 November 2009.
Consulting: Once every two months in Singapore. Next appointment 10 July 2010.
Reaction: No further reactions observed other than mouth ulcers every now and then.

c. Oxygen Therapy
Started using a personal oxygen generator with effect from 8 March 2010 about 1 hour in the evening, 20 minutes per session. Richer oxygen does help in controlling the growth of the tumors. It also reduces fatigue.

d. Zhineng Qigong
Started practicing qigong on 11 March 2010. Attend classes five times a week from 6.30am to 8am.

Health Status
Current weight is still around 68+kgs. Just started to revert back to normal diet, so not eating that much but will increase in quantity over time. The stomach gases problem is still there, not so dominant but when it comes, it can cause me to feel unwell as well.

Coughed blood clots in the phelm and Dr Rama has asked me to monitor for about a week to see the development. The blood clots are mainly found in the morning coughs phelm but sometimes I don't see it because if I cough in bed, then I would not be able to see it. Though I cough throughout the day, its mainly white plelm. The pain is now mainly on the lower right rib area which comes about during a cough or when I stretch the rib area. The pain from the cough now is much lesser now.

I got fever for three days during the early part of the week. Sometimes I feel a little feverish and and cold but it did not developed further.

Sometimes I feel a little lethargic especially when stomach gases are present. I also feel hungry but could not eat much because the stomach feels bloated. Still I would say a good week.

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  1. Dear Chang,
    I really admire your disipline, hard work, determination and positive attitude in dealing with your health condition.

    Please allow me to comment on your therapies.

    1. Enema
    Enema is good because it helps to remove the toxins from the fecal matters that clogged up the colon before they can be reabsorbed back into the body systems. But this is not good enough because more than 80% of toxins intake are trapped in the mucus lining of our intestines.

    As the mucus lining becomes thicker it forms mucus plaque. It prevents nutrients absorption. This weakens our self-healing mechanism and immune system. The accumulated toxins also leak into the blood and lymphatic systems and damage our cells and organs. These are the root causes of chronic diseases. The diseases will become worse if the patients follow unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

    2. Food and Drink
    A healthy diet is important. But one must know the amount, the combination, the time and the method of preparation the food, drink or beverage. Good food can become toxins if one of these is not followed correctly. The food ferment, putrefy and turn rancid causing bloating or gas formation. The gut become a breeding ground for parasites. They are signs of indigestion.

    The liver and gallbladder gallstones can also cause indigestion. If these areas are not cleansed, more toxins and parasites will accumulate. As a result the bloating and the diseases can never be cured.

    The liver performed more than 500 functions. When it is congested with liver stones, it cannot performed its functions:
    a) liver cannot remove toxins and matabolic wastes
    a) less bile and enzymes produce to digest food (less nutrients for body to heal itself)
    b) boby pH is not balance ( body become acidic)
    For more info. do a google search on liver functions and liver stones.
    You can also visit my blogs:

    3) Oxygen Theraphy
    Deep breathing exercise and using oxygen generator for more oxygen intake are good for you. Cancer cells cannot survive on aerobic condition.

    4) Qigong
    Good, but do not over exert your body. Listen to your body.

    But remember, for any cure to take place, the patients must perform colon, parasites, liver and gallbladder cleanse. When you overhaul you body, you revive your self-healing mechanism and boost your immunity.

    If you need help email me;