Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking Positively Forward

I think the blood clots in the phelm is becoming lesser and lesser. I did cough early in the morning. When I woke up this morning, I did not see any blood clots in my phelm, it may have been that I have swallowed it earlier. In any case, I am coughing much lesser now. The only pain that I can still feel is the pain around my right rib area when I do some stretching, when I lie down flat on the bed or when I really take a deep breath.

Despite discomforts and pains from healing reactions, I, like others who followed the Gerson Therapy (GT) always welcome such reactions. We want more! It's an indication that things are going well. Yesterday night, JC a New Zealand visitor, cancer survivor and someone who has used GT before was kind enough to remind me that the blood clots in my phelm is how the system expels toxic from the body and reminded me to remain focus and positive. I am all positively charged!

The mouth ulcers are improving but I can tell you as soon as these batch heals, another batch will come out within a few days. So I just have to learn to deal with it for this period of time. My Homepathy doctor, Dr Rama is geeting a little exited and he has requested me to see my oncologist to review the scans when I do my next CT scan in September. This time round I will switch back to Tong Shin Hospital. While Assunta Hospital's scanner may be newer and more detailed, the most important is the report of the radiologist. When the report of radiologist is not detailed like in my last scan, you have pretty much a useless report, not to mentioned time and money wasted. Yes September 2010 is also an important month for me not only that it is my first tumor discovery anniversary but the next stage of treatment will depend on the results of the scan.

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