Monday, May 10, 2010

Determined To Feel Better

I must be very tired in Singapore. I left my handphone at my Sister In Law's apartment and now arranging to have the sim card shipped back because my next trip is two months away.

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me. I started feeling feverish around 8pm and by 11pm, I was really feeling cold. The fever went on till early morning about 3am and the fever broke. Only then I could manage to sleep in peace. I was shivering even under the thick comforter.

This morning I woke up feeling much better but was very tired. I decided to skip qigong class to sleep a bit more. My body feels a little painful this morning (but not as bad as before) and not sure if this is from the fever or from carrying the supplements when I was in Singapore. My shoulders are still a little sore. Hence I am feeling a little Monday blues.

Today also marks the end of 8 months since the tumor discovery. Although you may say time files, for me that it is not the case. Every day as I plod along the uncertain road, the day seems to passed much slower. My journey is still a long way but as the ancient Chinese proverb goes, The Longest Journey Beings With The First Step.

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