Monday, July 18, 2011

Where To Get Sabah Snake Grass (SSG)

I just noticed that my post on 25th May attracted 23 comments. The bulk of the new comments were posted in June 2011 were asking where to get SSG.

Dear readers, I normally do not look at past comments, especially if they are more than 1 week old. So, your request to me to ask where to get SSG would be left unanswered. In future, please leave your comment in the current post, even though the post may not be related to SSG. That way, I know. Alternatively, please contact me by email which you can get from my profile.

Many readers has been asking me for Mr. Ng's phone number. Mr. Ng grows the SSG in his own garden and gives away for free to cancer patients as part of his community service. He is now supporting 40+ cancer patients. More people are contacting him each day. I just spoke to him last night and was informed that he has run out of stocks of SSG. He has requested me not to release his phone number for the moment as he cannot entertain new patients. Please stayed tuned for I will give an update when he has sufficient stock. He says he is working with some people to grow more.

In the meantime, you can buy from Mr. Tiang in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. You can contact him at +60196609502. Mr. Tiang also sells SSG plants. It's worth your while to drive there. Please go and buy the plants. Please note that there is a shortage of SSG in the market now. To ensure your own long term supply, please plant your own. Just cut a branch and plant it in the soil. It will grow and you can get your first harvest in 5 weeks. You can grow the plants on pots, so people living in flats, apartments and condos can also plant them.

I got this information from another blog dated 14 July. A person by the name of Andrew said he has huge quantity of SSG for sale. Delivery can be arranged. Interested parties please contact him at

Any readers who has SSG for sale or to give away for free, please contact me so that I can include your name in this listing. I have no commercial interest whatsoever from any sale. I am doing it as part of my community service.


  1. You are educated when you have the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence.

    Robert Frost

  2. In the cross link you provided to your friend Liz, I find she has so much more joy and acceptance in her journey. All these because she sees it through the lenses of a loving and merciful God. You should talk to her and learn to be more joyful and accepting others who care for you. We have seen so often in history how man's pride and ego self destructs!

  3. I grow them myself and I am taking them too, as precaution. My email

  4. Hi TH,

    Thanks, your blog is informative. I actually get a lot of info from your blog. If you don't mind, can you share where you go to for acupunture?

    I have plant SSG for own consumption.

    Currently,would like to sell fresh SSG supply like leaves & stem/plant at lower price just to raise some medical fee.

    Appreciate you would include me in your listing:


  5. I sell homegrown SSG too!

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  7. there is a supplier in selangor, klang, selling SSG capsules n tea bags. she deliver nationwide n worldwide. u can visit her blog or email to


  9. I'm in California, I like to know if anyone sells it here in the states. I need to buy a couple of plants. as my best friend has brain cancer and my co-worker has cervical cancer. I like to grow it so I could help them. can anyone help me. my e-mail is

  10. I have been taking this SSG tea and it helps to reduce my uric acid level. Recently, a colleague of mine told me his dad has experience great improvement on his high blood pressure after taking SSG tea.

    I start recommending to friends with cholesterol, diabetic and skin problems. Most of them do experience improvements in many ways. I have also seen people around me with cancer benefited from this plant.

    I have been buying from fresh leaves and tea bags from Will 010 525 7782. I think his products are mostly available at organic shops. You may check them out at Delivery to worldwide should not be a problem.

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  13. I a have a few pots of sabah snake grass. I want to give it away. Please contact me at if interested.

    I live in PJ.

  14. Im interested the ssg...still available?

  15. This is my contact number 0182811332