Friday, July 29, 2011

It Doesn't Matter Anymore

My sleeping time is now between 2am and 10am, at least I can sleep. As I result I start my day late and as such have I have also cut down on my juices to 10 a day (4 vegetables, 3 carrot and 3 apple+carrot juices). I have stopped taking orange juice. I still take two coffee enemas a day. My glucose level in my last blood test is rather high (although within the permissible range), so I am watching my sugar intake. Already I am not taking sweet fruits or anything sweet but there is only so much one can do.

My sister asked me if If my pain level has increased. I told her I have no grounds to complain about pain because the pain I experienced so far is really very mild. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore as I am trying the best I can. There have been so many people offering me advice to do this or that. Some of the advice seems to contradict each other. My therapy has served me quite well, so I will stick to my therapy.

Last Wednesday, I took the Mustard Greens (Kai Choy in Cantonese) dish (as in picture) during lunch. Normally, chillies are added because Mustard Greens is a very cooling vegetable. I only took a little of it but since then I have been coughing almost non stopped. This is the first time I took the vegetable since my cancer but in my pre-cancer days, I have no problem consuming large amounts of it without any side effects.

After three sessions of acupuncture therapy, my knee pain has more or less gone. I will have to go a few more sessions. I would like to go more often but the waiting time is normally 1 hour or so. This acupuncturist is so popular (and also possibly the cheapest in town at RM13 per session) that at any one time, between 30-50 patients are waiting in line. But he is good, being his fan for last 20 years. He treats 16 patients at a time and each session lasts 20 minutes. I also noticed that my restless legs problem has improved, the floating feeling is not so pronounced now. However, I have a new problem. Both my thighs now feel tired, especially if I stand for a period of time. Sigh...

Mohd Shafiq Update
Shafiq is still in the General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. Yeong told me that they last visited him last Monday and his condition is serious. His mother is taking care of him and sleeping beside him. Yeong told me that during his visit, he accidentally knock the bed frame of Shafiq's mother bed and he immediately felt the pain and started crying. This Sunday afternoon, a group of people led by Yeong and Khadijah will be visiting him to celebrate his birthday. Depending on my health condition (especially my coughing), I hope to be able to join them for the celebration.

This news just came in at 2.50pm. Yeong called and informed that as of noon today, Shafiq was not able to breath normally and has to be put under oxygen respiration assistance. Just minutes ago, Khadijah SMSed from the hospital and said Shafiq has slipped into coma. The only thing we can do now is to pray for him.


  1. Your last sentence in the second para is most comforting. Yes, Chang, take a stand...only you know what is best for your body. Just as well, many others are also trying to help.

    Praying for you and Shafiq that both of you will find peace and healing. Whatever the outcome, God knows what is best and may God give your families strength, peace and understanding.

    God Bless!

  2. Hi CT,
    Glad that after a round of testing other theraphies that you decided to stick to the one that led you to where you are now (Gerson). Be patient. By the way, my mother's sugar levels is also quite high. Am also wondering whether we should stop the apple and orange juices (as they tend to be sweet) or just increase the vegetable juices..

    Praying for you and Shafiq and his mother as well.


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