Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hazey Days

Although I am now sleeping better now but on most days, I sleep very late. I am back to the days when I took the Low Dose Naltrexone medication where I only managed to sleep about 2am. I hope slowly, my body will able to adjust and sleep well before 12 midnight.

I am still wondering why my legs feel energyless? I have started on the plant based iron, magnesium and calcium supplementation. Currently, massaging it helps.

With the haze (picture from theStar) coming back, I think I am having a little bit of breathing problems. At times, I breath heavily. If it continues, I may have to resort to my personal oxygen generator to help out. The congestion in my lungs have not cleared yet, so I am having this uncomfortable feeling around my chest area. There are blood in my phlegm. I am also experienced some pain around my chest and right kidney area. Some twitching and nibbling pain here and there. I would normally stroke my fingers over the affected areas to pacify it.

An Apology
Some two weeks ago, I wrote about my first day experience at a local qigong group of an international qigong association. I have received some feedback and noted that some people have taken it out of context. I think it's appropriate that I make some clarification.

It is common that each individual instructor has his or her own way of teaching students. In that case, my instructor was strict in his methods and I think that has to do with his passion and love for qigong. Obviously, as a newbee, I have reacted strongly and was insensitive to blog about it.

In my pre-cancer days, my gym instructor would always remind me "No Pain No Gain" and would always push me to do a little bit more. So when I first started the block breathing exercises on the very first day, I was pushing myself a bit more which should not be the case. I was impatient, wanted immediate improvements.

Subsequently, I have met the qigong Master a week later and he has advised me to do block breathing exercise only as it is highly beneficial for cancer patients like me as block breathing exercise would allow more oxygen into the body. The key is optimal rather than maximum.

In any case, I would like to tender my apology to both the instructor and to the qigong association.

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  1. Relax more.Its good to exercise yoga and qigong.Keep it up!

    Valkryie Edgely.