Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Shade Of Grey

Yesterday, I was rather tired. It must have been the traveling that I have done the day before. My coughing was really bad, especially towards the night. Ginger tea is no longer able to help and I needed something more potent. I bought some over the counter TCM pills called Zhui Feng Su He Wan and after taking it twice, the cough subsided. I was able to sleep better.

My chest is really congested. I also find it difficult to cough, there is just not enough energy to push the phlegm out. My voice has also become a little coarse, in addition its also devoid of energy. This morning, after a night's rests, I thought I would be more energetic but I still feel tired. I have made an appointment with my hypnotherapist for a therapy session this afternoon. I think I will have to postpone it to next week as I don't feel like having enough energy to drive to her clinic in downtown Kuala Lumpur. My legs also feel weak. I think I will spent the afternoon resting instead.

Cruelty of Mankind
I thought I make this update after I received a SMS from a friend who said she watched a video shared on Facebook of 5 to 6 live cows being thrown into a big crusher while still alive to make burger meat. She can't watch the video and said it's really heart wrenching.

Has mankind lost it's human values in the quest for profits? I just hope the authorities or Animal Rights Group trace the source of the video and bring the perpetrators to justice.


  1. It breaks my heart, to are still feeling bad. I hope there will soon be good news for you.
    I think of you often; and you are in my prayers. I hope the creator of the universe will guide you in the right direction.

    wishing you well,

  2. Psalm 10:4 tells us his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.

    Pride, my friend, is even more cancerous...

  3. Could you explain what your Psalm 10:4 verse means to say in this case?

  4. Whoever quoted the scripture (Psalms 10:4) "JUST PLAIN RUDE"! They should be ashamed!That scripture is not applicable in this case!
    CT has never shown to be prideful! He has humbly shared his experiences in alternative therapies with us.
    I know plenty of people who prayed to God; and served him all their life...but still died of some disease..."THERE IS MORE TOO LIFE...THAN JUST PRAYING TO GOD!" Narrow minded Churchoids like this person...are the ones who actually turn people against God! Do they just see God as a demanding tyrant? Did this person not learn about love, and compassion in their church?

    Wishing You Well,

  5. God made all creatures, man and animals too. For man to take so much pride in their superiority and treat animals with such brutality tells one that they deem themselves as God.

    To these humans, there is no God. There are lots of such brutality on Youtube. Humans does not realise the preciousness of life.

    For the others who jumped onto the defensive wagon, you truly need to look into your 'narrow-minded' heart.

  6. oops sorry I wasnt logged in Anonymous at 12:23 PM is me-- Lanie aka nanaymiriam

  7. Let me rephrase my words as well. Psalms is not exactly the word of God, but was a record of the poems/songs written/sung by King David. This book showcases the gamut of David's emotions as he try to communicate his thoughts to God. This is not a reflection of God's emotions towards the prideful (and for the record I also think that CT Chang is a humble man).

    The Psalms is divided into different stories, and verses should not be taken out of context.. e.g. Psalms 1-40 talks about david's view of the fall of man-- then Psalms 41-70 talks about Grace. We cannot talk about the fall of man without talking about GRACE. If we do so, we end up killing the bird when our intent is to to take care of the bird.

    Be careful when lifting up verses from the Bible, when you do not understand the context from which it was written,

  8. oops sorry big mistake! ANONYMOUS at 12:23PM is not me.. one of my posts was deleted by accident..

    this is what I said in the deleted post.
    I agree with Mona-- Psalms 10:4 does not apply to CT Chang. The word of God should not be taken out of context.

    which I tried to correct at 8:55PM, to say that the Psalms are not exactly the word of God, but the collection of thoughts of King David.

  9. I have to reiterate that Chang is not a prideful man. If you will read his first blog entry in September 2009-- he believes that this cancer is his karma. And in one of his many other entries, he said he is seeking for the truth. Many times he made himself vulnerable by admitting his darkest fear. To me that is humility in its core. CT CHANG is a SEEKER, not a prideful man..please do not condemn a man seeking for the truth, just like we all are.. no one can foresee our ultimate destination except God Himself. The deterioration of our health is not a gauge of our spirituality-

    The Old Testament talks about judgement but the New Testament talks about Grace... again if you must lift something from the Old Testament you must link it to its correlation to the New Testament. The law was communicated to us in the Old Testatment so that we can appreciate the Grace that is being communicated to us via the New Testament.


  10. How many of you know CT Chang personally to make so many comments on him? Just by what he posts? Is that enough to know someone?

  11. I do agree. Only enough to care. Not enough to know him deeper.

  12. you do not need to know someone that "DEEP" to care. this is the reason why in developing countries people end up getting lonelier and lonelier. We thought we cannot knock on our neighbors door, because we do not know them enough, We thought we cannot hug an office mate, because we do not know them enough. We thought we cannot talk to a very lonely man/woman attempting to commit suicide because we do not know them enough. (And I mean this in general not to point to a specific person).