Friday, July 1, 2011

How's The Weather Today?

Yesterday evening, I slept at 7.30pm, just after my dinner. I was feeling tired and instead of waiting for my usual bedtime, I thought why not just sleep. I did not sleep continuously throughout the night and woke up in between. After a night's sleep, this morning I woke up to blue skies and everything nice. The blood stained phlegm is gone and so is the coughing. I always felt that after some good rests, the body does a remarkable recovery job, only if we allow it to.

My Zeolite enhanced coffee enema detox is good and I am still getting good results even after more than 1.5 months on the program. I am feeling very good and the energy levels are coming back slowly.

Today, I was rather busy and was out of the house most of the time. So I will just do a brief post today. I have also been asked to read about 2 new therapies. One from USA and the other from Italy. The Italian therapy seems to show quite good clinical trial results but so far they have not release much information to me. I was told, it's not a MLM product.

Say A Prayer
I have just received an email from a reader, Sondia (from Nevada, USA). This is what she wrote:
Please keep my daddy in your prayers he is in the hospital and I am scared. He is not speaking and has lost a lot of blood.

Sondia's father is also a cancer patient. Let's us all lend our hand and direct our prayers and positive thoughts to her father and we wish him a safe recovery.


  1. Hi CT,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better !

    Best wishes,


  2. just prayed for you and Mohd CT. hope you are sleeping now..