Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

This morning, I went to the SS19/1 Residents' Association carnival at 7.30am to take my blood test. After that I went home to do my enema, juicing and breakfast and then went back again to the carnival. The turn was quite good and the popular stalls are of course food stalls. Nice and delicious food but not for me. Sigh...

I met some friends there and chatted for a while. One of them asked me why I "wack" one of the anonymous reader's comments on yesterday's post. I believe the anonymous reader is either a TCM practitioner or have good knowledge about TCM and also about cancer therapies. He or she chose to remain anonymous, not even choosing a pseudonym. I do feel strongly about such knowledgeable people offering suggestions without first understanding the patient. I know he or she was trying to help and meant well and I should be more understanding. True, people do not owe me any duty to help or even suggest any therapies I should take. Perhaps, I should have just ignored his or her comments which I normally do but now that he or she mentioned it, I think it would be good for him or her to know what my feedback would be. I felt that there was lack of empathy in his or her approach. It just reminded me of some of the doctors that I met and some stories about doctors and alternative therapists that I learned from other cancer patients or caregives that I met. They are trying to treat the cancer but not the patient and have no consideration for the feelings of the patient. I am not saying I don't appreciate help or that you don't offer help, but please have some regards for the feeling of the patient, in this case me. Again, maybe I have over reacted.

Yesterday evening, while waiting for my transportation to my TCM class, I was talking to my mechanic. He told me that his partner had just died of nose cancer. The patient was bed ridden and the cancer has spread all over his body including his brain as well. The doctors recommended that the patient be discharged and spend his final days at home with the family. About two weeks prior to his death, the family was introduced to a TCM practitioner from China who confidently said, he can cure the patient. He started his therapy and of course, the patient did not respond. He then instructed the patient's son to do an MRI on the patient to confirm that it has spread to the brain and against the advice of the hospital doctors that it would be a waste of time and money to do. Anyway, the TCM practitioner got his MRI and then said to the son, since the tumor has spread to his brain, he could not do anything more! He conveniently disappeared from the scene. Forget about the money that he made but what kind of TCM practitioner is this? Isn't there a code of ethics and consideration for patient and his family?

Solamargine Therapy
I mentioned about some new alternative therapies that were clinically tested and showed good potential on Friday's post. One of them is Solamargine, a product from Taiwan.

One of my friend, Liz will be starting the Solamargine therapy for a trial period of one month. She just received the product from Taiwan on Wednesday. You can also follow her progress here. I hope and pray that she will recover with that therapy which has shown good results for many lung cancers patients.


  1. Take healthy things.Relax.Do not over react. As long as you remain kind,thoughtful,relaxed and happy,it will be OK.

    Valkryie Edgely

  2. Don't worry,be happy.

    Carlo von Trappington

  3. I read your cross link to Lizadventure and it was such a great joy to read of her experience journeying with cancer.

    There seem to be so much acceptance, joy, hope and faith in her sharing. Even in her darker moments, she held grat faith in God.

    With God, she is able to see through many parts of her journey.

    CT, since you say that Liz is your friend, why talk to her and see how you can give God a chance? Let God into your life.

    There seem to be too many ups and downs with you lately and certainly what you do not need is more technical people giving you more facts and misguiding you everywhere.

    Unless of course you are perfectly pleased with what you have, then just ignore my comments.

    I am merely fascinated how a friend of yours can be so bubbly and see God in every part of her life.

  4. Anonymous July 18 at 3:06pm

    You can see God in every part of your life even if your not feeling so bubbly about it.. take the case of David in Psalms 10, he is not very bbby about his curent situation, take the case of Job when Satan took away everything from him, his health, his family, his friends-- he still saw God in every part of his life.. it wasnt the usual pollyana story.. but still this men saw God in their lives, despite the direst of moments, and despite them not feelign "so good " about it.

    There are things that only cancer patients or relatives of cancer patients will only understand. Do not make that tragic mistake of thinking that all Christians has always have to laugh and wear the brightest smiles.. cos its not the case every time..and it alienates people like us who are in dire straits at the moment...and who may not have the personality that Liz have... we are all created in a unique way, some people can take this in a light hearted way some cant.. and no one is all the better for it-- regardless of their personalities.

    I am writing here not only for CT Chang but also for myself who believes in God (our Saviour and Jehovah Rophe)-- but may not share your rose colored glasses--maybe in time I will-- but not at this time..and am not going to push myself or even CT Chang to be "bubbly" just so that readers like you will feel better.

    Cancer is cancer--its hard to feel better even if the rest of the worlds want to see us in a "bubble" of smiles and laughter-- just so that we will not be a heavy burden to your eyes... we are just being honest to ourselves and some of us are also being honest with our God...