Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Can It Be?

After a follow-up on the acupuncture therapy yesterday evening, my legs feel so much better and the pain has gone. Hopefully, the relief is not for just a few days. I am sleeping much better these days but it still happens after 2am.

I noticed that the pain around the abdominal area of my right kidney tumor is being felt more in regularity. This symptom has been ruminating in me for a while. Could the tumor be growing? Physically, I can feel the tumor on my right abdomen with my hands. It's quite painful when I lie on my right side, as the weight of my body presses against the tumor. I have been running my fingers over the left abdominal area as part of my own physical examination every now and then. Just below the ribs, I noticed a small pea size object (or is it a small lump?) beside a vein. Pressing against it is painful. I also noticed that a vein is also visible on the surface of my right abdomen, possibly being pushed to the surface because of the tumor. This vein also caused me some pain, especially if was pressed against. Kidney tumor itself is not life threatening (other than causing extreme pain and bleeding) but when it grows, it can cause compression against the arteries and that's when radical nephrectomy may become a necessity.

Another area that I have been doing self examination is on my right pelvic bone area. It is now obvious that I am not able to run and even walking now is not smooth, with a limp. When I press on the right pelvic cavity during the self examination, I felt a sharp pain. I do not know what to make of it, but it could be that the tumor has spread to my right pelvic area. My next planned CT scan is in November 2011 but I am not sure if I should proceed or not. One of my friend has advised me against surgery because she had a friend with similar condition as me, passed away shortly after surgery. My urologist also advised me not to take surgery because all his patients also died shortly after surgery. So doing the CT scan is only to allow me to know if my condition has deteriorated or not. See how it goes from here.

A new reader who happened to stumble on my blog was kind enough to email me a TCM detox prescription. The reader, KK wrote "I first used it in 1994 when I was diagnosed with late Stage 3 nose cancer. Odds were 60:40 in the tumour's favour. Underwent radiotherapy in parallel with TCM treatment (the sinseh has retired BTW). Still take the detox brew once every few months (I treat it like hard disk defrag)." I printed out the herbs formularies and will have my TCM teacher explain the contents to me.


  1. All charming people have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.

    Cyril Connolly

  2. CT,based on what you say, it is of high propensity that your tumour/s sizes has/have increased, and has metasised to the pelvic bone area.

    Stop taking simple sugar like honey, sweet fruits as they feed the cancer.

    Take cooling drugs like the Sabah Snake Grass and etc but control the amount to minimise side effects.

    Even simple herbs such green beans and chinese barley in high concentration are helpful. Test it out and you'd understand.

    Kua Sa (pronounced in Mandarin), using a smooth object to rub the affected parts with oil is very useful. Rub the Kidney and lung meridians and the painful areas with the assistance of a skilled practitioner.

  3. It is true that green bean boiled in high concentration without sugar helps to minimise the pain and size.

    Strangely, chinese barley do help in unexplained breathing difficulities when nothing else helps, inspite of its cooling nature. Some chinese medical books state that it shrinks tumour.