Sunday, July 3, 2011

Open To More Options

Yesterday, I went to consult a qigong Master to undertake some therapy. He said I am short of blood supply and did some cupping on my back to improve my blood flow. He also gave me a dietary suggestion to follow. In addition, he also wanted me to concentrate only block breathing at least three times a day as he said it would be very beneficial to me. I will also have to go back for follow-ups.

A friend who attended a health workshop and through the workshop trainer, arranged for me to meet two holistic doctors who is now participating at a Health Convention in downtown Kuala Lumpur. I met both PhD doctors during the lunch break today. Both these doctors have experiences with cancer patients and one of them is a Stage 4 breast cancer survivor. The first doctor gave me an on the spot preliminary diagnosis by looking at my pairs of hands, tongue and the eye white of both eyes. He said that there are blockages in my large intestines. He was very happy to hear that I am on Gerson therapy. I have arranged to meet him at his clinic in Ipoh this coming week for a full diagnosis and treatment plan. The other doctors said, I am fine on Gerson therapy and only suggested that I take an additional supplement from Taiwan and take a 1 day liver cleanse. Apparently her liver cleanse formula is the only one in the market that includes Omithine, an amino acids that helps you to sleep during the night and also helps your body metabolize fats. She also said those with kidney problems are not suitable for colon cleanse.

Both these doctors gave me the thumbs up! It's nice to feel good.


  1. Hi CT,

    Good to hear of the positive news !

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