Monday, July 11, 2011

Starting Month 23

Bit by bit, I am inching to my 2nd anniversary on September 11. Today, as I begin my month 23, it feels good to be alive. The journey back to good health is still in progress and there is still much work to be done.

I will savour each moment of each day. Rejoice in all moments of the day. Live a joyful life.

Meanwhile, I will just lie back and enjoy the rest of the day. A song for you:

The Game, by Crematory

Your life defined by many lies
You dwell in your own words
Distant from all that's real
Gaze into the mirror
And behold the Face of a player

A game of life - the game of life
A game with your life - the game
A game of life - the game of life
A game with your life - the game of life

In some situations once so common
And then disappointed stabbed those
That once aided you in the back
Seeking truth in a glass

Aggressive and disappointed
You roam through life
Tossing away
Your whole future for a
Small illusion in your head


  1. Dear CT,you know something your strong mind and your willpower to reach your journey back to good health is exemplary.Keep doing what you have been doing and never let up.My prayers for you always,regards AL MAL.

  2. never give up CT ,never give up.My prayers for you will go on.

    Soren and Lydia.