Friday, July 15, 2011

More Good News

This morning I woke up late again at 10.30am. I forgot to set the alarm and I had an appointment with a health consultant meeting at 10am. Luckily the health consultant was late and arrived at 11am. I will talk about this health supplement a little bit later. Last night, I could not sleep and was tossing and turning in bed at about 2am. My "floating" legs were giving me problems again. I tried massaging it but it did not help. So I got up and went downstairs to continue my leg massage. My mother who was also awake for night urine offered to help me massage my legs. She applied some ointment to promote blood blow and hand massage my legs which was followed by a machine massage. After about 15 minutes, I went back to bed and was able to sleep.

New Cancer Products
The health consultant was recommended by my former insurance agent. She was the insurance agent for the insurance company where I worked in my pre-cancer days. She told me that this supplement has good potential and that I should at least listen to what the health consultant said. So, I agreed to meet her. Se told me her health product is manufactured in Canada and now being promoted by a Taiwanese company. She is the local distributor of the product. She said the product is a ginseng extract has shown good potential in clinical trials and many cancer patients has shown good response in Canada. In Malaysia, she has now 30 patients and all her patients (after conventional medication failed) have responded well. She gave me some links and I will have to do a bit more reading.

At this juncture, I feel there is no harm in trying to get more information about this product. I have agreed to release my radiologist report to her so that she can forward it to a professor/doctor at her Head Office in Taiwan for an assessment if the product would be useful for my kidney cancer (a requirement before patient is allowed to start therapy). For the past three weeks, I have been reading up on some other cancer supplements and all of them showed potential, supported by clinical trials. All of them have claimed to have successfully treated some cancer patients. Some of these products include XP-180, Solamargine, K101 and now Careseng. XP-180 costs about RM15K (US$5K) for a month's supply while Solamargine and K101 costs just under RM5K (US$1.7K) per month. Careseng now gives cancer patients 50% discount and a month's supply costs about RM1.6K (US$535). Careseng's main treatment protocol is only for 3 months after which the cancer patient reverts to a maintenance mode therapy that costs about RM400 (US$133) per month. K101 works on similar treatment protocol, a primary treatment period followed by a maintenance treatment program costing under RM500 (US$166).

I will work with the health consultant to get more information about the 30 cancer patients that are taking the Careseng supplement so that we can have an idea what type of cancers were successfully treated. I will provide an update when available.


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  2. Please be extra careful about con-sultants. There are some that are out to milk you dry of your insurance monies.

    whatever it is, there is a fine line between cure, marketing, friendship and deaperation.

    Please discern carefully.

  3. Take care.I shall always pray for you.

    Valkryie Edgely