Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Have To Try

I went acupuncture treatment for my legs for three consecutive evenings. So far, so good. My legs are actually feeling much better and not that painful anymore. But I think the root problem, especially on my right leg has not been resolved. This evening, Khadijah and Yeong will be take me to see a traditional Malay masseur for diagnosis and treatment. Meanwhile, I hope to take an x-ray scan on my right legs and pelvic area tomorrow.

You may be wondering why I spent so much time documenting pain an various parts of the body. I also describe my treatment in detail and whether the treatment works or not and the healing reactions. This is because the Gerson therapy is not available in many countries. I don't believe there are qualified Gerson therapists in Malaysia (there are in Singapore). I would like to reproduce a comment made by Homer, a reader on my May 18 post:

Hello CT, your blog is very important to me to understand the healing reactions of Gerson therapy. Last week my mom have a good energy after an intravenous (vit. C and b complex) procedure done by a nurse, after 2 days she was back to a very weak body until almost 4 days now. My problem is/are I can't find some potassium salt compound and the lugol's solution, and the crude liver/b12 injectable here in the Philippines. Btw my mom is in stage 4 breast cancer with bone mets(as what the doctor said), and discourage my family to undergo a chemo. My sisters are blaming me of my moms inability to walk and wake-up, as in she is losing some energy and she dislikes green juices and vomit several times with coughing. I am troubled if this situation is part of healing or something to be scared? But I see her improvement in her hair, skin and some aches are gone. The retracing of her old pneumonia as part of healing reactions could sometimes troubled me if her cancer spread to her lungs. I haven't gone to an alternative doctor yet, I always rely on google and some advices from nutrition expert. I hope this will not bring some stress to you. 

I do not encourage self diagnosis or self treatment. But for various reasons unknown to us, for some this may be the only the way to go. I just hope what I have documented will be helpful to some people as they undertake this difficult journey.


  1. Hi CT,

    your posting is very informative to provide an alternative for those in need especially when one is confronted with BIG C ! Thank you

  2. hi CT,
    I think I know that person who emailed you. I already sent him a bottle of potassium salt and lugol's solution from Nature's Glory we also chat via facebook.


  3. Dear Lanie,

    I am glad you were able to help. However, I would advise caution in taking the lugol's solution without taking another supplement called Levotiroxina (which is a thyroid hormone) tablets.

    This is because lugol's solution alone if taken over long period of time (say over 6 months) can cause hyperactive thyroid. The first symptom the patient will notice is the slight enlargement on the left neck area. The patient will also feel hungry all the time.