Friday, September 16, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Dear Malaysians,

This is the first time we are celebrating Malaysia Day since it's formation 48 years ago. Why? Political amnesia.

Happy Malaysia Day!

Gerson Therapy Update
I have restarted my B12+liver injections yesterday. However, instead of giving myself daily injections, I am giving myself two injections a week. I am also taking the Neurobion vitamin B pills. This will help to address the nerve pain. Other than these changes, my Gerson therapy remains about the same.

Women's Cancers Reach Two Million
Two million women were diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer last year, according to global figures. A sharp rise in cases was seen in women under 50 in low-income nations, say US experts. Women in richer countries fared better due in part to screening, medicines, anti-smoking policies and vaccines, they report in the Lancet.

The new global statistics from hundreds of cancer registries worldwide found there were about 2 million new cases of breast and cervical cancer in 2010, and 625,000 deaths.

Dr Rafael Lozano, professor of global health at IHME, another co-author of the paper, said the world used to think of breast cancer as a problem for high-income countries but as the world has become more globalised, this is starting to change.

"The main known risk factors for breast cancer - poor diet and obesity - are now becoming more commonplace in poor countries," he said.

"We have found that while countries such as the United States and United Kingdom have been able to lower the risks of women dying from breast cancer, through better screening and treatment, countries with fewer resources are seeing the risks go up."

With cervical cancer, the number of cases and deaths are rising more slowly than breast cancer, he added, with the number of deaths from cervical cancer going down in high-income countries.

"Our concern is that this is a disease that is almost entirely preventable through safe sex practices and early detection, yet it continues to kill nearly a half a million women every year.

Source: BBC


  1. hi, came across yr blog while googling for ca survivors in msia/spore. its nice to know that you have a positive attitude.

    wish you well with your current treatment & tks for sharing. read somewhere about Gerson therapy but can't remember how it works. well, am going to read all yr previous posts/journey.

  2. Thank you for visiting and your kind words.

    Hope you find what you were looking for.