Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful Sunshine

I was listening to Richard Clayderman's 25 Years of Golden Hits which include his famous pieces such as Ballade pour Adeline, Mariage d'amour, Lettre a ma mere, Souvenirs d'enfrance, A Comme Amour and many others when I started to write this post. I find listening to this album relaxing. The pieces are soothing and provide some kind of therapeutic effect. When I am in some kind of sombre mood, I find listening to the music of the Secret Garden very helpful. This morning, despite setting my alarm to wake up at 8.30am, I was so tired I could not get up from bed until 10.30am. I just wanted to continue to sleep. But I have to get up. I got to do my morning enema, make juices and then take my breakfast. Sometimes, I just wonder why I feel so tired. Maybe it's the cumulative effect of some earlier days that I have not been sleeping well.

I have this funny feeling in me. Sometimes, I do feel I am cancer free but yet I know the cancer is still in there, somewhere. It does not disturb me because I am pain free most of the time but yet at times, I do feel some pain here and there. Maybe the cancer is just reminding me that we are now co-existing peacefully. Gaining about 4kgs in the past months has brought me some good effects. My skin, especially on my butt is much firmer and less painful to sit on. My face has grown a little rounder, not that haggard looking. Some people have been complaining about my free flowing long hair. They felt I look much younger if I kept short hair. I thought, this is one time I can do things differently, that means I get to keep my long hair.

The weather has been quite warm and hot in the afternoons. Since Sunday, I have this feeling that Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The hot weather coupled with the warm wind just reminds me of the new year feeling. Of course, it's too early in September. I normally only get this feeling around November and December but this year it seems early to feel this way. On one hand, I like the warmness feeling that the weather brings but as the day progresses, the hotness and humidity can be discomforting. When the big bright sun is out and shining, I feel positive and charged. But when the skies are gloomy with an impending thunder storm, my mood switches instantly. That’s one of my idiosyncrasies. We males have one advantage. When the weather is really hot, we can run around naked in the house.

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