Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let It Be

This afternoon, I met with three of my friends (KP, IL and SN) for lunch. We last met last December and it's really nice to meet them again. The first comment they made about me when they saw my long hair was "hey, you got Beetle's looking hair." After the usual pleasantries, I always get the usual question, "How are you doing?" As usual, I would answer, "I am doing fine. Nothing has changed very much." Sometimes when my friends meet me, they think I have recovered because I do looked well. But I tell them the tumors are still inside my body, maybe the tumors did not grow. That's why I can lead quite a good quality of life but cannot work because I have to do my daily therapy. We spent 3 hours chatting and catching up. How time flies and soon we said goodbye to each other, until the next time. I would also like to thank them for some contribution to my finances.It's really nice and kind of them. Thank you.

Anyway, I noticed that my energy level have been improving. Besides my legs problem, the only other thing that I am not sure is my chest. I feel it's compressed and congested most of the time. While I can breath normally most of the time, sometimes I do have slow heartbeat and have slow breathing, especially during bed time. I am now focusing to treat my legs.

I have made most of the arrangements and now look forward to the India trip.I have planned to travel to Tibet next July/August but it looks like it's a no go. One of my TCM classmates just came back from Tibet and she told me that a number of her friends suffered AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness)  as Lhasa is above 3,800 meters (some sites are above 5,000 meters). I don't think my lungs would be able to take it. So I will have to postponed it until I recover from cancer. So instead I have decided to go Ladakh with some friends instead around July 2012. We will make a swing to Dharamsala and I hope to get a glimpse of the Dalai Lama.

I also hope to travel to Meizhou in China to visit the Hakka villages possibly in March 2012. Being a Hakka myself, it would be nice to see how other Hakkas live in China.

Why so much traveling? I don't think into the future. There isn't one anyway, at least still true at the moment. I am not out of the danger zone, maybe only getting a short reprieve now. I just do what I want to do now and let the future play out itself.


  1. Hi CT,

    I have visited Meizhou & Hakka toulou.

    The Hakka toulou is interesting !

    You will be surprise those around the toulou can speak Hokkien or meinan hua. You can get to stay in the toulou kind of homestay thingy.

    Nice to see you planning for exciting trips.

    Best wishes,


  2. Dear Gan,

    Thanks for the information. Yes, looking forward to see the Hakka toulou.