Monday, September 26, 2011

Sometimes Things Are Tough

My condition has taken for a slight turn for the worst since Saturday. I have stopped taking the Pregabalin pain killer for my nerve pain on my right leg as I thought the pain was subsidizing. I have not been sleeping well since Thursday night as I have to do "night watch" over my mother. My mother suffered a severe sugar deficiency on Thursday that caused her to be blinded for a short while and also no strength at all to move around. She was also having difficulty breathing and lost her appetite as well. The doctors gave her some medication and she was sleeping most of the time. And I had to give her the medication in the middle of the night and also get ready some bread and Milo for her to take since she slept most of the time during the day. She was much better on Friday and I continued the "night watch" just in case. I slept on the couch on both days. Then Saturday came. I did some errands to refill my H2O2 and K-salt supplies. The pain on my right leg was getting bad and I  decided not to cook lunch and dinner and instead packed some foods from the organic shop. Went for my TCM class and quickly came home as I was yawning in class, ready to sleep. As night descended, I could not sleep, had problems breathing normally when I lay down on bed. I just could not get enough air. That dang right leg was at it again. The night refused to set me free and I seems to be getting up, going downstairs and coming up again to what seems forever. Finally, at 6am my body felt worn out and I quickly went upstairs to take my much needed rest.

I woke up at 11am Sunday, still sleepy but could not sleep further because I was feeling hungry, still have to make my morning juices and also do the morning enema. My lawyer called and he said there is no need to meet to discuss the details of my trust deed and my will. I was so relieved.  After a quick lunch and immediately after taking my supplements, I was feeling real lousy. I felt sick, restless and retired to bed. I could not sleep, only laying in bed and only woke up to make my juices and I guess the rest helped me somewhat a little as I felt better towards the evening. I am in no mood to cook dinner and went out for a quick dinner and then arranged for a massage on my legs. My masseur said I limped real bad. Evening came and I hope to forget the memory of yesterday night.  History repeated itself and I find myself sitting on bed at 2am typing this post. I went downstairs to take the painkiller Pregabalin least I spent the rest of the night massaging my leg.  As soon as I lie down to sleep, the breathing turned heavier. Not even using my personal oxygen generator helped. Why am I having problems breathing normally again? This never happened before, just the last two days.

As if not enough, I have also been coughing rather regularly. But this time, when I cough, I can also feel the pain of the nerves on my groin! It's so painful to cough. What are my options as I sat on my bed thinking? I have scheduled to meet my orthopedic surgeon on 4 Oct and maybe I will move my appointment a little earlier if the right leg is going to keep me awake all night again for the next few days. This time I make sure a scan is done on my right leg.

Just finished this post and the clock says 2.44am. I am feeling hungry, got to go downstairs to make something to eat. That's one good part about Gerson Therapy, eat anytime when hungry.

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