Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Getting Better

My first experience with the Traditional Malay masseur last night was "painful". This is because the method adopted is to realigned back the affected parts. Firstly, he discovered that my right leg is slightly shorter than the left leg, which was why I walked with a limp. He corrected it by pushing and pulling, not that painful. Then he worked on my left leg and said there are some blockages near the knee joint. He pressed his thumb against the blockage area (already painful), asked me to relax and while talking to me, pulled my leg straight when I was not paying attention. That was painful! He said I should feel better and asked me to monitor and if necessary go back for a follow-up three days later. He then applied some ointment on my left knee area and that ointment is really warm and hot. Even this morning, I can still feel the warmness on my knees. I was really thankful to Yeong and Khadijah for driving me all the way to Kuang to see the masseur. Without him showing me the way, I don't think I can find the house even with GPS the next time I go for follow-up.

Meanwhile, I will also continue with my acupuncture treatment. My legs are much better now and the limping is not so obvious. I think it needs a little more time to heal.

Last night, I did not sleep well. A little coughing but otherwise, I feel OK. A bit tired today.

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