Monday, September 5, 2011

Napping Blues

Today, I thought I would wait and write about a meeting with a cancer patient but up till now, she is still in the hospital. Yesterday morning, I received a call from S, someone I did not expect to call me. I have written about her mother's cancer before (I referred to her mother as Mama S) more than a year ago. Anyway, S told me that her sister has cancer and after seeing the doctor at the hospital, she has not been sleeping. She hope that I could spend some time talking to her today after her bone scan at 1.30pm. I think I will write about this meeting some other day.

Yesterday, I was really tired. My left knee felt a little painful in the afternoon and my mother gave me a short knee massage and in the process I fell asleep. I think I woke up about half hour later but I was so tired, I could not get up. So I continued to rest for another half hour or so. When night came, I could not sleep. Although I retired to bed at past 11pm, I just could not sleep. Finally, at about 3am, I woke up and gave myself another round of knee massage, this time on my right leg. At times, I also use hot water bottle to ease the pain. I think the pain is not from the muscle but the nerves. Anyway, after massage, I went back to sleep. Despite my legs problems, I think the condition has improved. The pain on both my legs are not as painful as before. Not only that, I can actually walk much better too. My acupuncturist told me last Saturday that the pain on both legs are related and when he treated me, he treated both legs at the same time. I have always responded to my acupuncturist's treatment.

As I write this blog, I am actually very sleepy but I have decided not to take a nap. I noted that of late, every time I take a nap I can't seems to sleep so early at night.

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