Saturday, September 3, 2011

Take It Slowly

Although I have taken some adjuvant therapy, my main therapy is still Gerson Therapy (GT). GT has served me very well and it will remain my primary therapy. Along the way, I tried various adjuvant therapy but none that caused so much problems as Sabah Snake Grass (SSG). I am not trying to discredit SSG. So far, what I know about SSG is that I heard (from reading emails) that this and that patient was cured of cancer. I have not met a single patient that has been cured by SSG. But I did meet some patients that SSG was not successful. I also met some patients that said SSG was helping. This is not to say no patient has not been been cured by SSG. The current craze of SSG has really gone overboard. Some commercial SSG growers are exploiting the situation. Prices have gone up so much that it's no longer cheap to go on this therapy. My hope is that a cancer patient will first consult a TCM practitioner or holistic doctor or herbalist that has experience with SSG before starting the SSG therapy. Every patient's constituent is different. What may be beneficial to another may not be suitable for you.

Yesterday, I noticed that after standing for too long, my left leg became much more painful. After a night's rest, it becomes better. This morning, I went for my electro-acupuncture therapy. Believe it or not, I got immediate relief just after the therapy session. I can walk much better and my legs felt less painful. As such, I prefer electro-acupuncture over classic acupuncture.

I have been coughing a little more than usual. A few of the times, I noticed some fresh blood in the phlegm. Towards the night as I retire to bed, I noticed my breathing has slowed somewhat. I have been using the personal oxygen generator to assist in my breathing, particularly just before I sleep.


  1. Did you mean Escozul, the venom of the blue scorpion, Rhopalurus junceus? The blue scorpion exclusively inhabits Cuba and the properties of its venom were discovered more than 20 years ago.

    No, I have not. I read that many cancer patients have benefited using it. It seems that it is now quite difficult to get Escozul though there is a website ( that sells it but it's not cheap.

    If you have tried it, I would like to know your experience.

  2. CT Chang,
    Did your doctor give you any medicine to stop the bleeding in lung, as when needed.
    Just to share with you that bleeding is quite common for me all the while with blood show up in phlegm, mostly not serious.
    Sometime, when it is getting more serious, I will take the medicine " Transamin " for couple of days, then, it will stop or under control. Basically this drug is to stop internal bleeding. But, it may make you feel a little tire after taking the drug.
    hope this sharing is helpful .
    / SK

  3. Dear SK,

    Thanks for your information. I am currently not supervised by any conventional doctor. So I don't have any form of drugs, not even pain killers.

    I did not take any medicine to stop the bleeding in lungs. So far, I had three episodes of strong bleeding. Since I am on natural therapy, my methods are also natural. One of the ways used in Gerson therapy to stop bleeding is to breath in camomile tea vapors and also to drink lime+camomile tea+honey. So far, it helped and the bleeding stopped. Also, controlling the breathing during bleeding is very important too.

    Of course, I don't hope for the day where I have to use drugs to control the bleeding.