Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unnecessary Bureaucracy

Yesterday, I received a call from EPF (Employees Provident Fund) informing me that I need to present myself to two clinics under EPF's panel of doctors for my withdrawal under Kehilangan Upaya (Lost of Ability) application. I think this is intriguing. The clinics are just general practitioners and how are they going to evaluate cancer cases? I have complied with all the requirements of withdrawal and my medical report was signed by a consultant urologist. Furthermore, I am only withdrawing my own money. Why the bureaucracy?

I knew my withdrawal is not going to be so smooth because when I submitted the application form, the officer that interviewed me would not believe I am a stage 4 kidney cancer patient and possibly needed another opinion. The fact that I look healthy did not come free. A lot of work has been put in including:
  1. I took the most important decision of my life by not accepting my doctor's recommended conventional treatment and instead went for Gerson therapy.
  2. Become a vegan overnight on a very strict diet of no oil, no sugar, no salt, no dairy products, no soy products and low protein diet to rebuild the body.
  3. Drink 10-13 juices a day, 365 days a year.
  4. Performed more than 2,000 coffee enemas to detoxify my body.
  5. Take in daily more than 100 tablets consisting of supplements, herbs and medications including daily self-administered liver+B12 injections to rebuild the immune system.
  6. Hire and work with a hypnotherapist to re-frame my mind.
  7. Spent countless months to identify, understand and release toxic emotions trapped in the body. This is still work in progress.
  8. Spiritual therapy.
  9. Strong support and encouragement from family, friends and readers like you to keep me going and
  10. Money from my savings to fund the above therapy.
I have used about RM150K (US$50K) including RM55K (US$18K) for treatment in Gerson Clinic, Mexico for the past two years. I do not come from a rich family and depended on my own savings and some contributions from my family and friends but the bulk of treatment comes from my own savings.

This morning, I went to EPF to collect the appointment letter and then called up the clinics to ensure that they have my file. I visited the two panel clinics as required by EPF and as I have guessed, much of the information about the cancer (supported by the latest radiologist report) and my present treatment are all provided by me. Basic questions asked includes "Why don't you work?" and "Why you want to withdraw?" and the answers seems so obvious. The consultation was short and completed in about 10 minutes. Now, I have to wait for the clinic to report back to EPF. I have a strong feeling my application would be approved in due course.


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  2. Did you apply from socso, as the socso result will help also

  3. Yes, thanks.

    I ran into some problems because the last company I worked for has sold it's business and the company has shut down. I could get the forms signed, so now waiting to see what SOCSO has to say.

  4. I am a bit more lucky, I submit the EPF form before they change to the new rules on 1 august. I'm also C patient, lung cancer... Diagnosed 3 years ago. Not agree with conventional treatment.
    Now is on end stage. Tumor size as big as 15cm on my left lung. I just started Coffee enema, long way to go ....

  5. Dear YSC,

    Nice of you to visit. Got my EPF matter sorted out.

    A cancer caregivers once said that how long a cancer patient lives does not depend on the stage of cancer. It depends on whether the person is positive or not and also whether the cancer is in an aggressive stage or not. You have survived 3 years and you are very positive.

    I am glad you are starting additional therapy to help yourself. I like coffee enema because with it, I think I have very little pain because it keeps removing toxins from my body. I started with 4 times a day, every 4 hours.

    I visited your blog and wondered if you are still so active with so many outdoor activities?

    Stay strong and I wish you speedy recovery.