Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Rantings

This is supposed to be a cancer blog. Then why do you often see a political post every now and then? I have released some toxic emotions but then  the political toxicity starts to build up in me. Got to release them you know, otherwise I might die of political poisoning instead of the cancer. I am writing because I care and love this country. I thought of doing my little part in case I pass on just like that.  Besides voting, I think this is a good way to get the message across. The pen is mightier than the sword.

On the eve on Malaysia Day (16 September), the Prime Minister announces a number of reforms. For example, the draconian law, the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) is to be repealed. Hurray! Good news but wait. He further announced that it will be replaced by two new laws. So what so good about this when you do away with one ISA but introduced two new ones, ISA2 and ISA3? Penang Chief Minister said (as reported in The Malaysian Insider), "We do not want to see a situation where you are pouring old wine in a new bottle". According to the Bar Council, we already have sufficient laws to deal with communism and terrorism.

Then there are those politicians who earlier opposed the repeal of ISA but now claiming credit for its repeal. Dammed those politicians. So excuse me for ranting. I can continue to complain, I have long list but then this will become a political post. I will also vomit blood by then. Not good for keeping anger in the body. Actually, I wanted to shout "!@#$%^&*", that would be therapeutic but would go against my style and impolite. Enough of politics for now.

A Close Encounter With An Urologist

Doc: What can I do for you?
Me: Please have a look at the CT scans.
Doc: As he sees the scanned images, his head nooded negatively.
Me: Is there a possibility of carrying out a laparascopic surgery?
Doc: Lie down here and let me check the abdomen phsically.
Me: I lay on the bed as he uses his hands to feel the kidney tumor.
Doc: Good, the tumor is still mobile, we can do a surgery but it's too big for laparscopic surgery.
Me: Can I do this surgery without taking the Sutent drug?
Doc: There is no benefit doing the surgery alone. Anyway, they now have an offer, you only need to pay two months for the drug, the drug company pays for the rest of the year.
Me: I read Sutent does not have very good results. My other urologist said all his patients died within 6 months.
Doc: All patients will all die, it's a question of how many more months. We try and make our patients have a good quality of life in the meantime. Why do you think the drug company is willing to sponsor 10 months of free drugs? Because they know you won't live long! I thought, damn him, how can he say such a thing in front of his patient.
Me: In that case I am better off continuing doing what I am doing. I was thinking, what good quality of life? Stuent has all the side effects of chemotherapy, is that good quality?
Doc: What are you doing?
Me: I am on alternative therapy such as nutrition and TCM.
Doc: Those treatment are not clinically tested (gave a long lecture about clinical trials). You are throwing good money into the river.
Me: But I am still alive after 12 months (this meeting happened 1 year ago), better that those on Sutent?
Doc: The cancer is slow growing, you may not be so lucky in the future.
Me: Let me think about taking the surgery and Sutent proposal. I wanted to say "!@#$%^&*" with the proposal that you know will kill me but did not.

The above is a true account of my conversation (edited to make it short) with a urologist that happened one year ago. The urologist was impolite, cocky and have zero tolerance for alternative treatments. If I did not read and researched before meeting the doctor, my life would have probably ended 9 months ago. So still want to follow what your doctor says all the time?


  1. You have already said all the expletives, only not in front of the person. That, actually is your style.

  2. CT, good one! Doctors are like Mechanics...pretty much Trial & Error!

  3. its ok to vent, its your blog anyway, those who don't like can just move on...

    Doctors treat not cure, they are not God nor a magician. I've had my fair share of LCLY doctors, I just dropped them off from my radar screen :p Find one you are comfortable with, the ones who actually look at you in the eye, twinkly smile, can talk about holidays, if they don't know they say I'm sorry I don't know & refer you to another. Can't blame "westernised" doctors as what they studied & practised is what they have to preach. If you pay to consult them, you can't really expect them to accept alternative treatment, its no-no. We are fortunate, there are many western educated doctors who takes up holistic/alternative approach too, too bad our Malaysian law do not allow them to advertise.

    btw do check this site,
    (here you can rant in the public forum)