Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pain Treatment

Finally, I met the consultant orthopedic surgeon this morning at SJMC to talk about the pain on my right pelvic area. I told him I have kidney cancer with lungs metastasis and no conventional treatment taken. His reaction was "Really?". I said "yes, doctors said no medication will help", and that was 2 years ago. He did a brief physical examination to see where the pain was. The doctor said the pain is not from bone metastasis because I did not experienced pain during rests and at night (during sleeping time). Since my pain symptoms is only when I start walking, it's likely a nerve problem. The doctor prescribed two drugs (Pregabalin and Neurobion) for three weeks and thereafter a follow-up. I asked the doctor besides drugs, is there any other therapy that I can take? He said he would not recommend me any (like hot therapy) because it may aggravate the tumors. If pain symptoms still persist then, he will recommend me to do another scan. This is the first time I will be taking a pain management drug as Pregabalin has been shown to be effective for neuropathic pain disorder. Neurobion is a vitamin supplement mainly consisting of B1, B6 and B12.

I was coughing a little more than usual these few days. The fruit juices and the vegetable dishes that I am taking are cooling in nature. So, I took some ginger tea yesterday evening. It helped and I was not coughing at night. This morning, the cough came back. Looks like I got to drink more ginger tea.

My hypnotherapist called me yesterday and told me I got a little bonus. The College that organised the Cancer Talk to the students (I was told they are already practicing hypnotherapists doing a final practical) given by my hypnotherapist that in appreciation, the College will be paying me a little fee. Hey, I did not expect any payment when I agreed to participate but I am not complaining. I was also asked if I am keen to participate in the future. Of course, I am more than happy to participate. I also learned some things about hypnotherapy by attending the talk.


  1. Hope you are getting better. My friend recommended you page. so how was your hypnotic session going on? Any improvement for your cancer?

    Can you give detail of your hypnotist contact where I can contact her?

  2. Dear Hazrah,

    I had very good sessions with her. It helped me very much.

    Please drop me an email (jchangct@gmail.com) and I will give you her contact number.

  3. CT ,

    For the past I am very reluctant to pain management medicine .
    Since my first chemo in 2008, I refuse to take streroid drug ( for doctor it is a must and not to miss ) , anti-biotic , gastic and so on.
    Because my body is strong then, so, I manage to cope with my situation without it. But, I did have to go thro' pain , bone pain , nausea and also the serious rash on my face and upper body.
    But, I feel that if I can have my body system to overcome and use some natural food, i.e. ginger , garlic . It is better than depends on drug , be it western or chinese medicine.
    Then, come this round for my chemo start last month, I decided that I should use those drug given by doctor , steroid ; pain killer ; gastric drug and so on , to keep my side effect and pain under control , as I know that my body system is no more like what it is in 2008 .
    And it did help me .
    I think it is not a bad idea for us to use the western drug to get a quick fix , then, once our condition stable, we start to work on detoxic our body to clear off all the toxic and get our body back in shape.

  4. Dear CT,

    It was a great session at the LCCH talk. I was one of the student who attended. Your session has given me more knowledge about cancer than everything else i've read.
    I really admire your energy and outlook in life, and this great blog.

    Just to drop by to tell you i think you're a fantastic human being.

  5. Dear WH Chun,

    I really enjoyed the lively session that I had with all of you. Due to time constraints, the session has to be short.

    Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. I hope you will be able to help future cancer patients deal with part of their difficult journey.

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