Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Small Step At A Time

I am quite happy that I took up Yeong's suggestion to take the pain tea on Tuesday. After drinking the pain tea, the pain dropped from the scale of 7 to 3 (when sitting) and 4 (when walking). It was really a relief for me because I can't remember when was the last time I felt so good.

I think the pain tea is a little cooling (quite bitter in taste) and I was coughing much more than usual yesterday. During one of the hard coughs, I found traces of fresh blood in my phlegm, something that has not happened for the last few months. Still, I felt very good to be sort of pain free (I classify any pain below the scale of 3 as pain free) and was able to dose off on the couch while watching TV. I have quite a high threshold for pain and don't like to take any form of pain killers. I certainly don't enjoy having pain, I don't think anybody does. Not that I think I will get addicted to it, but more importantly, it's not good for my body especially if were drugs. Even for TCM herbs, there is a also a rule of non continuous consumption (max of three months) after which there must be a break of two weeks before the next cycle begins.

I started taking two bowls of pain tea on Tuesday and three bowl on Wednesday. I will slowly taper of the drinking of the pain tea to two bowls, then one bowl, one bowl on alternative days and finally stopping all together.

This morning, I am rather busy. I will be traveling 250km up North to Ipoh to meet my herbalist doctor for a follow-up. I like to be around him because he is such a positive doctor. Always smiling and reassuring and he keeps telling me I will be OK, patting on my back. I also like his forward looking vision in small steps. Now two years have almost passed, he tells me that lets work towards doubling your life by another two years. Small incremental steps at a time.

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