Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yesterday while I was at the Chiropractic Center, they also took my weight. I have put on another 1.4kg! Wow, that was barely one and a half months ago since I weigh myself. I now weigh 66.2kg. I need to watch my diet. At this rate I am gaining weight, in no time I will be back to my old obese self. I have been eating almost non stop over the past month. I have now to cut back to eating only at regular hours. Also, the weight I am putting on are not at the right places. I wish more of it would be at my butt (that would make sitting more comfortable) and some on my face. Instead, I am getting a spare tyre.

Besides the weight, the nurse also took my blood pressure. It's a little way out at 125/75. My breathing is still heavy and trying to take bigger intake of air makes it worst. I am also experiencing some pain around my ribs area and near the left arm pit. I am doing some like exercises in the hope that it would help in my breathing.

I am still not sleeping at the regular hours, most of the time sleeping past 2am and then getting up very late. It has upset my daily juicing routine. If I force myself get up early like this morning, I will get tired after lunch and would want to take a nap. If I did take the nap, then I will sleep much later in the night, getting caught in a viscous cycle. Sometimes, I am tired because of this.

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