Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tiring Weekend

I always like the EID holidays because the population in Klang Valley will fall by about 70% when most people will leave for their hometowns to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The streets will be clear and driving becomes stress free. Unfortunately for me, I had quite a tiring weekend as I attend to some unfinished business of triming the bushes. I have been putting this off for a while and I thought I still have the energy to do it. I took about 1 hour to complete it but by night fall I was physically tired. Next day, I had some aches here and there. Some of you may be wondering why I am doing all these when I could easily hired a handyman to do it? Yes I can but I want to maintain a normal lifestyle without the need to remind myself that I am sick. Having said that, I can't do everything myself and I don't. I will outsource when it is appropriate. At least I know where I stand now in terms of my energy levels and this gives a gause as to the progress of my therapies. My energy levels are definitely better when compared to the November - December 2009 period. A friend has been reminding me to rest more and she will probably send me another reminder after reading this post.

Since I started the CA Care therapy, there are some observations. After taking Capsule A+B, I get kind of heartburn feeling and it will ease as time progresses. Rodent Tuber which is found in Capsule A causes gastric problems. I noticed my enema discharge is more smelly and this is a good thing. I have also been having one regular bowel movement normally at early evening despite doing three enemas a day. This is also a good development. I have also experience two blood in urine episodes, the last one, I also had some mass discharge, not too sure if it blood clots or dead tissues. The good thing was that it was not accompanied with any pain but blood loss is not good. My weight has been stable for the last 9 months. Body wise I feel good, smiling and all charged up for another day.

In Oriental cultures the lifeforce of the Universe is considered to be a myterious kind of energy called Qi which some define as common energy source that helps to run and maintain our environment as well as our individual human systems. In Chinese Medicine, foods can be further broken down into four categories -- cold, cool, warm and hot. A modern classification has added a new group called neutral. It is desireable to manitain a big range of foods to ensures a healthy balance of cool, cold, neutral, warm and hot energies. The food chart below (source: The Practice of Shaitsu) shows some of the classification.

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