Monday, September 20, 2010

What A Morning!

This morning as usual, I went for my qi gong classes. After the main exercises, we then did some short exercises like wall squatting, waist twisting and body bending exercises. I did have some problems doing the wall squatting and waist twisting exercises, exercises that I had no problems doing three months back. My energy levels are still low. After a while of exercising, my knees feel weak and would start to shiver. However, my body still feels good and I have no mobility or other problems. The pain around my shoulder and neck, shoulder blade area, buttocks and thighs are still there but not strong enough to disturb my daily routine. I still refuse to take any form of pain killers.

Just about when I was to start writing the next paragraph, I received a call from my daughter. She was involved in a minor car accident. She could not stop on time and rammed into the car in front. The car in front sustain minor damage but my daughter's Proton Saga look really bad. She suffered a little pull on her right leg while trying to brake, otherwise she is Ok. The formalities at the police station and reporting to the insurance companies took sometime and most of my time was spent running between police stations. Why? Because the SS17 Police station does not have a traffic department and so we have to go to USJ8 to report so that they could issue a compound fine for causing an accident and most of the time is spent waiting. She is currently on probationary license. I am happy that she is all right and I think this is the price she has to pay before she becomes a more experience driver.

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