Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mind Is The Chief!

I have been on this herbs therapy for almost a month now. I have said before the herbgs are helping and I think my body is gaining back some control after having lost it for the past few months. I feel very good, sometimes I think I am cancer free but that is wishful thinking, at least for now. One noticeable development is that my pain is not consistent now, meaning the pain comes but not on a continuous basis. The pain is more pronounced when I have completed drinking the herbs or Capsule A+B. There is always this heartburn feeling, compress chest or stomach churning sensation but after a while, it disappears. I also noticed my feet are now firmer, more muscles than before but somehow, my buttocks did not show any improvement. Most mornings now, I would feel very good after the morning enema. Smile and the world will smile back at you.

I have been receiving some encouraging support from my friends urging me to remain positive and cheerful. I believe, from my own experience, those are not enough. Even for a abled body person, do you feel cheerfule and positive everyday? Why not? So how does a cancer patient remains positive and cheerful everyday when an abled person is also not abled to do so? The difference lies in how the cancer patient think. First and foremost, is the believe that he/she wants to cure herself and that it is possible. From there starts the change process, not only in terms of thinking but also in terms of actions. Cancer patients knows, from what the doctors or at least in my case, the end is near. So the thought process would be what would you want to do with the remaining time that you have now? It is very easy to think the medication is the cure but it is not. Those things facilitate and enhance the curing process. For me, I am still living and able to wrtie this blog when I should have been gone long ago. Can you give me a one good reason why I should not feel cheerful and positive? Because my goal is focussed, well defined and measurable, it is easier for me to remain at this positive state than an abled bodied person.

Yesterday I received an email from a long lost ex-colleague which I have not met for many years. She was shocked to hear about my cancer and as usual offered words of encouragement. As I read the email further I could not help but to think is cancer so common now? She has asked to help one of her friend, a women in her early foties. She has cancer of the womb and despite taking the full course of chemotherapy, it has now spread to the bones. The doctors has recommended another round of chemotherapy. The husband has suggested to the wife to consider alternative therapies and my friend wants me to see her in person to explain to her about the alternative treatments I am doing. I have no problems with that and would gladly help another cancer patient. In helping her, I am also helping myself.

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